• Live Music Archive - free live concerts, very cool

    3 Aug 2008, 15:06 by dumpita

    I found the internet archive database yesterday. There are lots of live acts of some cool bands.

    Cool bands include Fugazi, Dub Trio, and the Spam Allstars. But there are a lot more.

    check it out
  • Dub trio live - free downloads

    3 Aug 2008, 15:06 by dumpita

    I found the internet archive database yesterday. There are lots of live acts of some cool bands.

    Cool bands include Fugazi, Dub Trio, and the Spam Allstars. But there are a lot more.

    check it out
  • the future of music

    25 Jul 2008, 23:37 by bubblegirl_82

    After a quick reading of March's edition of Rolling Stones Magazine, I discovered a special titled "The future of music". I already posted some stuff about this on my blog, and the point of this journal is not to translate or repeat the same stuff. I only want to ask people what they think the future of music is, if any.

    Just a quick summary:

    The article mentioned above asked the musicians, among other things, what was their take on the influece that technology has on music these days. The general opinion was that sadly, computes and iPods are damaging the quality of music. formats such as mp3 reduce greatly the potential of most songs, making them flat and tiresome to hear. Not even CDs were spared the critisism; aparently the producers now change the intensity of each track to prepare them for an eventual convertion to mp3, so their quality is pretty much screwed from the beginning.

    About the increase of artist without labels on the web, and the tools to make music from home without having to go to a recording studio, some of them weren't exactly thrilled. Among 6 million shitty songs, it's luck to find one that doesn't suck; many talentless people think of themselves as artists just because they can put two notes on a synthetizer and upload it to MySpace. (opinion of James Murphy, producer and singer of LCD Soundsystem)

    Well, that's what some of them had to say. The future of music to the musicians that were interviewed implied a poor music quality in every sense, the destruction of mayor label companies and a dismiss for real instruments, because people can imitate almost all of them on a computer.

    My opinion on all that... I think music, as everything else, has cycles. and quality will eventually impose itself over the possibility to stuff 1'000.000 songs in a portable device.
    It's great to have the option to make music from your house and be able to distribute it and promote yourself on the web; it's up to the audience to download it, play it an eventually buy it. I would love to see the come back of REAL music stores, but being realistic is far easier to click on a link and get an album instead of actually go to one. I still do that whenever I can.

    Anyway, back to the question. What comes next for music? Is there even a future???


    LCD Soundsystem
    The Peach Tree
  • Boy George y el Estilo "Campesina Boyacense Coqueta"

    30 Apr 2008, 05:40 by jpimentel

  • Joe Arroyo - Yamulemau | Info about the origins of this song

    16 Mar 2008, 05:07 by ViDLuv

    A wonderful recap of the origins of this song comes from Wolfgang Martin Stroh, professor emiritus at the University of Oldenburg, Germany:

    Joe Arroyo y la Verdad "Yamulemau"

    In 1971, when he was only 16 years old, Joe Arroyo began singing in Fruko y sus Tesos, the most important band of the time. The happy vibrancy of his voice and the mischievousness of his movements soon made him famous, and he recorded and performed with other popular bands. He finally started his own band, La Verdad (The Truth), in 1981. With his own orchestra, Joe Arroyo could now give free reign to his creativity as an arranger, singer-songwriter and composer.

    Arroyo is a versatile singer of many Caribbean rhythms and sings music ranging from es and s to the s ands of his native region. A native of Cartagena, he was exposed to and inspired by and music from a very young age, and he regularly invents new rhythms and styles with roots in these traditions.

    "Yamulemau" was originally recorded as "Diamoule" by Laba Sosseh, a singer from the West African country Gambia. An interesting example of cultural interaction between Africa and the Americas, Sosseh was first inspired by popular music and salsa. Arroyo sings "Yamulemau" in the original African language, imitating the phonetics much the same way African artists like Sosseh have done with Spanish.

    Una breve traducción:

    Yamulemau fue grabada originalmente como Diamoule por Laba Sosseh, un cantador de el país de Gambia. Un ejemplo interesante de la interacción cultural entre Africa y las Americas, Sosseh fue inspirado primero por música popular cubana y la salsa. Arroyo canta Yamulemau en su idioma Africano original, imitando las foneticas en la misma manera que artistas africanos como Sosseh an hecho con el Español...
  • Salsa a lo Caleño

    14 Mar 2008, 05:30 by ViDLuv

    Si gustan oir salsita, entre un grupo intimo con origines caleños, con chat disponible en la misma página... vayan a:

    También tienen videos y fotos de rumbas pasadas y futuras.

    Check out an up and coming internet radio station, with its own chat, foto gallery and events listings...
  • New and nature group!

    20 Feb 2008, 19:43 by Conde_Maquina

    Today I open a new group called for the people who love the nature, and everything what have in it, I wait for comments and new opinions! ;)
  • ¿Rammstein, Marylin Manson o la metalica?

    14 Feb 2008, 19:28 by Conde_Maquina

    Lo más probable, es que durante el tiempo en que la algunos de nosotros hemos estado escuchando nuestra música, la gente tiende a generalizar todo ó a buscar lo más parecido dentro de su ignorancia :P
    Por ejemplo, en mi caso; han comparado bandas como Front Line Assembly, The Prodigy, Das ich, Feindflug, entre otras con Rammstein. Ojalá al menos pronunciaran adecuadamente Rammstein, pero dicen rastaín, rastán o rastein >_<
    O por que no el típico comentario de "¿Qué es eso? ¿Marylin Manson? ¿Música metalica? ¿Satanismo? ¿Buya?"
    Creo que he escuchado el termino de música metalica, inclusive más que la banda... :D
    Pero la gente quiere que uno no se moleste por su ignoranica intensiva, pero hay dónde uno hable mal de sus gustos populares!
  • ¿Como hacemos para descubrir nuevos artistas Colombianos?

    12 Feb 2008, 07:31 by ViDLuv

    Como habran oido, ha logrado abrir la música por lo menos un poco, así que ahora se pueden oir canciones gratis unas tres veces.

    Esto quiere decir que podéis descubrir artistas tan solo oyendo un "radio" en

    Por ejemplo, acambio de buscar música que este clasificada con la palabra "colombia" podéis seleccionar el enlace siguiente y añadirlo a tus favoritos:

    Radio Colombia

    Ahora si queréis buscar artistas... podéis ir a la página de artistas:

    Veran que muchas canciones se pueden oir!!!


    So you want to discover more colombian music? Just select one of the above links to listen to a tag radio for or to look for other artists (other than Shakira, Juanes, Aterciopelados, Carlos Vives, or Joe Arroyo). Simple!!
  • Tu hotmail.. mudalo a

    14 Nov 2007, 07:12 by TheFMusic

    Los usuarios que actualmente tienen una cuenta en, o un Pasaporte Microsoft (Microsoft Passport) ya cuentan con una identificación de Windows Live y ahora pueden elegir entre quedarse con la cuenta antigua sin cambios por el momento o abrir una cuenta de Windows Live nueva y tomar ventaja de un comienzo fresco.

    Los nuevos dominios dependen básicamente del mercado y del idioma. La mayoría serán “live”, seguidos con el código del país correspondiente. Otros, como Finlandia, Indonesia, Suiza, Tailandia, Turquía y Vietnam, tendrán el dominio “”. Estados Unidos será “”.

    En Latinoamérica, Argentina es “”, Chile “”, México “”, Perú “”.

    Windows Live Hotmail

    Se pueden enlazar las cuentas de correo y administrarlas en la nueva cuenta.

    Con TrueSwitch se pueden transferir automáticamente todos los contactos existentes, mensajes y el calendario a la nueva cuenta de Windows Live.

    También es posible enviar los mensajes entrantes de la cuenta antigua a la nueva bandeja de entrada.

    Windows Live Messenger

    En tres pasos sencillos, el usuario puede transferir todos sus contactos a la nueva cuenta del Messenger. Primero, se exportan de la cuenta antigua. Segundo, se importan a la nueva y finalmente, el programa automáticamente agregará los contactos y los re invitará a la nueva cuenta.

    Windows :Live Spaces

    Cuando un usuario abre una cuenta Windows Live, automáticamente recibe un blog en Windows Live Spaces. La cuenta anterior continuará funcionando con el blog que tenía, mientras que con la nueva, se administra el nuevo blog.

    Para mudarte entra en este enlace !!