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    So, do you guys like operas? Which operas are you favorite? Who are your favorite composers? I personally love Giuseppe Verdi because almost all of his operas are tragic.

  • I saw Tosca by Puccini for free a while ago and it was fantastic. Then again it's the only Opera I've ever seen, so I suppose I have no right to reccomend it over any of Verdi's or whoever's.

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    • 24 Oct 2009, 21:12
    Opera is pretty cool. I like 'Don Giovanni', 'Lady Macbeth of Mtensk' (spelling is probably wrong), 'Carmen', 'Boris Godunov', 'Cleofide', and some others. I need to get into it more though. As normal as it is, I think I prefer Mozart as far as opera composers go. He was magical with arias.

  • Operas

    Among my favourite operas are: The Fiery Angel, Bluebeard's Castle,Peter Grimes,Boris Godunov, The Cunning Little Vixen,Carmen and most of those by Mozart and Wagner.

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