Why do you like classical music??

  • Why do you like classical music??

    Hey, I am doing a research about the musical interrest. This is an assigment of my school. If you would like to help me join the group!! Thanx Tom

  • reason

    i think its because it has a calming effect on me..

  • ^ Same.

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  • I just love it. It's not like rap and hiphop, where it's all about the lyrics and all the crap they want people to think. U can interpret it in your own way, without having to think about what they're saying. When I listen to it, it's just like the music flows into me and I become a part of it. (And no, I'm not on drugs. ;) )

  • Calm :)
    Nice :)
    You can dream of something while you are listening to it :)
    Different from other :)

    And it never really began.
    But in my heart it was so real.

    • Sky1er said...
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    • 6 Mar 2009, 18:39


    I like it because there is so much history involved from the 1600s to the present. I like to see how it has evolved from Bach to Tchaikovsky to Rachmaninov to Stravinsky, etc.

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  • I think it's because of tenderness of musical instruments and because of really strong voices. Also, nowadays most of the popular artists prefer not to use the real instruments, they like to use pc and computer effects. And classical instrumental music is so wonderful because of sound of that insruments. Violin, piano, guitars... oh i adore classical.

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    • 9 Mar 2009, 13:24
    After a while - when I'm listening to classical music - I become more and more hard to please when it comes to pop- rockmusic. All of a sudden I find it boring with these simple tunes, containing almost nothing but three chords and singing.
    I'm getting used to more complex musical structures and that makes me very happy. I prefer listening to music in an - more or less - active way, paying full attention to the "soundscape".

    That's the main reason why I like classical music, I think.

  • I know what you mean, Jag. I'm incredibly hard to please with pop music too. But I can still listen to it if it is a decent tune with good hooks. If, however, it's bubblegum pop rhyming 'love' with 'above', 'heart' and 'start' etc, I just find it stupid.

  • difficult to answer

    it is kind of difficult for me to answer as classical music is beyond words...
    Why did I chose to train in classical music?......Because I find it fascinating....and beautiful and expressive....and I simply love it...:)

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  • Though I lean more towards the Crossover (Sarah Brigthman) including the New Agey Neo-classical side (Gregorian/Lesiem/2002/Vangelis) of music tastes. I have an eery profound sensitive soul, that reacts heavily to noxious disharmonious sounds, badly sung (off key!) vocals/lyrics, so sensitive in fact, that I have to walk out of shops where such noxious music (plastic pop/R&B/hard rock usually, rap too...bad headaches!) is blasted (Do they think folk are deaf?!? - Some other profound sensitive soul wrote me, that's typical of the insensitive 'zombie culture',,,I find this utter frightening, and see this too as rather alarming!) and need utter silence for days, and listen to only Crossover/Neo-Classical/New Age to calm down the ripped out nerves. My profound sensitivity makes me very 'picky' of what to listen as I like complex melodies (too much mundane 'plastic' pop/rock/r&b), and somehow wished they played classical music, instead of all the soppy (emotionally overstimulating) pop/rock/r&b in the shops (can even hear it with earplugs)...I also heard that classical music can effectively lower crime rates, and proven to work too.

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  • why do you like classical music

    I like all types of music if it is done well ,good music can be peformed badly.I heard a newly comisioned opera recently which was peformed well but I dont think it will be peformed again as it was so bad.I like listening to classical ,classical crossover ,jazz,bigband some pop if it is writen and performed well.

    • CGholy said...
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    • 24 Nov 2010, 14:24
    Because it's beautiful and simple.

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    • riadix said...
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    • 25 Jan 2011, 05:46
    cos i love instrumental music and classical music is full with instrumental hehee.. but i much like classical crossover rather than pure classic

  • i think classical music purify. i nearly cried when heard for the first time diana damrau's singing in "the magic flute". listening to classics is like confessing

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