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    • 30 Jul 2009, 02:28


    You may have seen my name on this group, though I certainly do not know any of you.

    I am the leader of this group, Billsd. I haven't been on last.fm in several months, and before that, several more months. My activity on here is simply me listening to iTunes while I'm browsing the internet and it automatically going on here. I hardly remembered this group existed, honestly.

    However, while I know none of you, I would like to thank you all for continuing to join, post, invite your friends, and be around this group. It's nice to know that I have contributed something positive to last.fm even in my absence. You likely will not see me around here again, seeing as there is little I can do on last.fm that I can't do elsewhere, and due to a lack of free time to devote to last.fm.

    Anyway, you probably know nothing about me, so I'll let you know the basics. I love music, still a huge classic rock and classic metal fan, but that's a given. I enjoy being around friends and family, I turn 18 in two weeks (August 13th), I have a job, and I love playing video games, especially guitar hero and Call of Duty. If you wish to play with me and you have Xbox Live, I will gladly play any of the Guitar Hero games (I have them all), Call of Duty 4, or Call of Duty World at War. I pre-ordered MW2 and will be playing the hell out of that when it arrives.

    Anyway, my Gamertag on Xbox Live is XeMpLiFyy, I am a semi-pro (I earn money but don't attend MLG events) in Call of Duty, and have about 60 friends, which means 40 openings. Just send me a message in the friend request telling me you're from here and I'll add you to play.

    Thanks again for contributing to this group! It's 50x larger than I would have imagined it would be!

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