Hardcore: whats christian and whats not

  • Hardcore: whats christian and whats not

    i have been expanding my rock tastes out a bit... i was always a Stavesacre, project86, blindside, chevelle(i know they are not christian anymore but i like them)
    last few years i have been listening to demon hunter, underoath, as cities burn, Norma jean blaah blaah you get the picture.

    the problem i have when going on an epic i tunes quest is figuring out what artists claim to be Christian and what bands are not.

    other than tooth and nail, solid state and facedown are there any other Christain rock/hardcore exclusive label

    Corpus Christi
    In Fear And Faith
    Inked In Blood
    We Came As Romans
    A Day to Remember
    Attack Attack!

    i am sorry if i used the wrong genre label, i pretty much call anything with heavy music and screaming/yelling hardcore.

    just like i call every thing with a house beat techno

  • Christian Post-Hardcore, Hardcore, Rock,...

    Yeah, Demon Hunter and Underoath \m/

    other Christian Post-Hardcore/Hardcore/Metalcore:

    - Akissforjersey (*)
    - The Almost
    - Augsut Burns Red
    - Burden Of A Day (***)
    - The Chariot
    - The Classic Crime (Rock) (*)
    - The Devil Wears Prada
    - Emery
    - For Today (***)
    - Haste The Day
    - HB (Metal) (*)
    - Here I Come Falling
    - The Kings Divide
    - Run Kid Run
    - Sacrety (*)
    - Sice October (Rock)
    - Sonicflood (Rock)
    - Texas In July
    - My Children My Bride
    - Impending Doom (Gool Guys :D )

    * Favorite

    Christian Rock/Hardcore Festivale: http://www.cornerstonefestival.com/

    Have a nice day bro.

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