Help for term paper: Christian hard rock?

  • Help for term paper: Christian hard rock?

    Hi everyone,
    My term English term paper is on whether or not God can be worshiped using hard rock music (I'm arguing yes). But I don't really know very many Christian hard rock bands. Any ideas for bands, or, better yet, specific songs I could use as examples in my essay?
    Note: the song has to be worship directed to God, as opposed to evangelism/outreach to the listener.
    Note #2: the professor defines hard rock as music that is "characterized by extreme volume, distortion, and screamed lyrics which are very difficult if not impossible to understand."
    Can you help me?


  • lol his definition of hard rock is not a good one, could as well be hardcore punk.

    As for the question, of course you CAN use music as an expressive form talking about your love for god(s)! If you can use poetry, other forms of literature and art to express your faith, then you can in music too.

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    Oh, Sleeper - Charlatan's Host is a great track to use. The song is about desperation of his position in life and how God keeps forgiving and forgiving and forgiving without ceasing. He cries out please don't give up on me but how can you keep forgiving me if I keep me defiance? The first part of the song seems to be the singer either looking at himself in the mirror and speaking to himself or he's talking with someone else. I'm leaning more toward him speaking to himself in the mirror. Great song


    Sleep takes its hold with a sinking pull.
    And now that I'm alone, this burst of light
    fills my lids and I'm awake to the songs of horror.
    Your ill-bought greatness, he's seen it all from the frame.
    One day you'll reap the seeds of a shadowed past,
    and I can only hope I'm there.
    You tried to satisfy the thirst of a thousand ages,
    But built a stack of bones as your monument to dead vanity.
    It's just a shrine to the words you use to wreck.
    Tell me, How can you sleep?
    How can you just welcome the wine and throw out your nets?
    You throw out your nets and set fame to bait the noose.
    Set fame to derail whats innocent.
    Why spare the life of inglorious waste? Why let him live?
    He's just hunting your own! How can you just sit there and watch?
    "Because i love you more than you know.
    Look again and tell me what you see!"
    In the window was me. The massacres were all me!
    Oh God, please! Please! deliver the penalties for all of this from me.
    I'm not finding justice, no warrant for mercy...
    don't give up on me. Don't give up on me!
    What happens when I turn and run again? And again, and again?
    "I will forgive you." ---God
    And what happens when I lie to your face?
    "I will forgive you." ---God
    Oh my God, I can be so defiant to some one who's arms stretch to me.
    "I will forgive." ---God
    Don't give up on me! Don't give up on me!
    "I have forgiven you!" ---God
    I'll awake to new purpose to fight this body.
    No longer will I play the dark shepherd.
    Let not my words be ripped from the throat of a horror.
    Oh, forgiver! Where is justice in letting me live?

  • also...

    i'd take a look at As I Lay Dying's "Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier"

  • i assume this won't help you since your paper was due a few years ago, but for anyone else who cares redemption by august burns red is a good christian metal song

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