blessthefall - "we're not chistian anymore" ?????????

  • blessthefall - "we're not chistian anymore" ?????????

  • I think they are christians still, and that just where a joke or something.. 8)

    DOnt know that seemes like a joke atleast..

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  • nop

    they are not anymore

  • they never were

    theyre christian musicians but they dont call themselves a "christian" band. Emery has done this also, because they think theyre getting exclusively christian fans and they wanted to expand their real fanbase. yes they may change someones religion, but they dont want to shove their religion down non-religious fans throats. To me, it's sort of eh, most bands that "revoke" their musical christianity lose their flair. For example: Zao, on their newest album, and Emery on their newest album. Evanescence, and the list goes on. God seems to give our music this certain flair that is uplifting and so much better.

  • I think Emery did it the right way though, and they've pretty much always had that stance. "Listening to Freddy Mercury" definitely points that way.

    However, Switchfoot is one of the bands that really pissed me off when they did it, and then undid it when everyone got upset.

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  • really? tell me what happened, i never heard about it. my moms a big fan and she keeps whining about going to see them

  • Around the time when they signed to a major label(Not sure) and they rereleased Whatever CD has Meant to Live(Maybe it's called Beautiful Letdown) They stated that they were no longer going to make christian music(Ideally to sell more records) They said their faith hadn't changed or anything like that, and there music wouldn't really change. A lot of fans got upset, and within a month they retracted their statement.

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    If it sounds good... You'll Hear it
    If it's Marketed Right... You'll Buy it

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  • Emery doesnt go preaching live, I've seen them 4 times (last time was 3 weeks ago) and they're definitely a christian band.

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  • no, they told that theyre reluctant to be called christian
    check the section christianity and read the interview. the members are christian, theyre not, the newest album had no religious tone to it really, and thats why it wasnt as good as the others

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    • 22 Sep 2008, 20:03
    Christian or Not-Christian, if they're putting out good music I don't really mind. It's when they denounce God and/or start attacking the old music they made and their fans that I mind (ala Vengeance Rising: singer became a satanist)

  • Whether they are writing Christian music or not they are a band of Christians which is still cool with me, like The Fray they lead worship and everything but they decided not to make Christian music for the same reasons. Yes, Christian music is awesome, but there still are amazing non-christian bands out there.

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  • The inability to stand for what you believe in is sad. And look at their new material anyway - is it really that Christian? But hey, I guess it's better than claiming you're a Christian band and then having little or nothing to do with Christianity.

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  • I agree with Mordecaix7.

  • I think they were being kinda serious. The song To Hell and Back says the "B" word twice. On their tour updates and stuff they cuss here and there. Im not saying that they personally arent cuz I cant judge their salvation but I dont think they represent Christ as far as the band itself is concerned. I still listen to them though

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    • Mars312 said...
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    • 20 Sep 2010, 16:54
    This really disappointed me. I really enjoyed blessthefall's earlier stuff. There's only a couple of bands that I still respect after they said they're all Christians, but don't play christian music (Flyleaf and As I Lay Dying).

  • bands denounce being christian so they can sell more records that's all it is

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    • 31 Aug 2011, 02:08
    maybe they should change thier name to "Luke Warm"

  • its sad ,sounds like they just compromised, u don't have to preach but you don't have to compromise your message either music is a strong influence on people. Christ never changed his message and he didnt shove it down anyone's throat either

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