Why do you love his music?

  • Why do you love his music?

    Hm.. because his voice is breathtaking and original tunes emphasize the beauty of the lyrics.

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  • for me its because my parents used to listen to him alll the time when i was young, like 4, 5 years old. it was basically the only music i really knew when i was little. then as i got older, 11/12 years old i didn't listen to him at all, but a year ago or so i started getting nostalgic for his music. his first two albums i like the most because they remind me of when i was little. and those first two albums sound like they really came from somewhere deep in his soul.

    on a side note, i hope more people join this group hehe

  • I took a psychological test and Chris Isaac was my resulting ARTIST

    I took a test online at TICKLE which was previously EMODE or something like that and I took the test saying "Which Musical Artist Are You?" and I scored Chris Isaac. It is pretty accurate, and I tend to be like him in some ways, as well as enjoy his lyrics and style...and voice. He sounds almost as good as I do... SURE! haha.Chris Isaac

  • I love his voice. One of the greatest voices in rock music. And I love his lyrics. I really cant stand happy music and Chris Isaak is really not happy music.

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    I adore that sexy voice of his. And I have a softer spot for his sad and slow songs like "Changed your mind". He's really hot too, which is always a plus :D And finally but definitely not least, his music, all of it, he has yet to create a song i don't like.

  • Zato sto je najveci smeker.

    Има људи који говоре, говоре, говоре - све док напокон не успеју нешто и да кажу.
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    Zato sto je najveci smeker.He is one of a kind,that is enough to say about him.

    Shmakeru, ne proseravaj se :P

  • He sounds like me when I sing! And I took a psychological test on TICKLE.com!

    He sounds like me. I am older, so HE sounds like ME!

    I took a test one time on Emode.com now Tickle.com which was sort of a joke but sort of serious and I scored


    I scored 100% Kriss Isaak.

    In my youth, my hair looked like that too.


    Chris Isaak

  • Like someone said on his shoutbox, I find his voice completely captivating; his music is addictive and soothing. It's just something that I think I could never get tired of. I hope he comes back to LA to tour in the summer, since I missed him last summer...

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    • 12 May 2007, 16:41
    His voice is just wonderful. And his music is so wide ranging from soft, lovely ballads to good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. Plus he's hot!

    My husband just got me a copy of Baja Sessions (which I know is ancient but I didn't have it yet) and I've been playing it Non-Stop since Friday. It has to be one of the best Summer albums ever recorded.

    Not that I'm obsessed or anything.... ;-)

  • Funeral in the rain, Blue Spanish Sky....

    I love the music of Chris Isaak because of his emotional ballads.
    Amazing voice and sounds with a great feeling in all his songs.
    Lyrics about being lost in love and being alone is not the kind of music for everyday, but there are several moments in live you are sad, lonely or just want to hear music like his.

    The faster you drive, the less you can feel.
    The lights on the road, are strange and unreal.
    When there's nothing to loose, there's nothing to win.
    In a night without day, on a road without end...
  • I love Chris and his music because there is absolutley nothing that isn't fucking ultra sexy about this man and the way his music sounds! Everytime I listen I get tears in my eyes from frustration, because I just want him to love me as much as I love him, and it will never happen! :'(

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