Recommend the chillest shit you got in your library...

  • Recommend the chillest shit you got in your library...

    i got nothin...

  • Telepopmusic- Breathe
    Air-Kelly watch the stars
    FC Kahuna-Hayling
    Aphex Twin-Avril 14th, Film
    Royksopp- Sparks
    Calm Be- Mover

    These are the chillest for me (it was hard to decide), but all song from the above artists are grat for chilling :) You should also listen to Massive Attack, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Lemon Jelly... and other from gropus top artists, except Radiohead :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 12 Oct 2008, 23:17
    +1 for air and morcheeba

    add cornelius..peace

    • orbman said...
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    • 16 Oct 2008, 08:00

    Zero Cult - Ikebana

    • orbman said...
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    • 16 Oct 2008, 13:34

    Sounds From the Ground - Luminal

    • mars624 said...
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    • 18 Oct 2008, 04:49
    Kaliyuga Pro - mydriasis

    • may3163 said...
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    • 28 Oct 2008, 05:41
    These are a few choice artists/albums/tracks from the triphop/downtempo realm which I think are note worthy for chillin' out to. Judging from the overall music charts of this group some of these will be stable favourites, but I certainly could not post on a discussion thread as such without mentioning them. If your just starting out, these are certainly worth investigating.

    Air's album "Moon Safari" is what got me into this kind of music. Laid back, jazzy and cool; the use of Moog synthesizers certainly creates a spaced-out sound, taking you on a journey, an effect much like what Pink Floyd did in the 1970's with their album "Dark Side of The Moon". The whole album is very solid (except the track "You Make It Easy". I could never get into that one).

    Taking a small leaf from Air's book, Zero 7 's albums "Simple Things" & "When It Falls" are certainly worth a listen. Although I must stress that Zero 7 do have a similar sound to Air, there is certainly is a strong distinction between the albums and artists. In comparison, for me, Air does tip the scales of "chill". I find that towards the end of Zero 7's "Polaris", the music almost takes on a physical form.

    Bitter:Sweet's album "The Mating Game" has a more "lounge and cocktail" sound but needless to say the track "Moody" ranks high on the chill level for me. I often think of Gershwin when I hear this one.

    Another favourite of mine is Mono's album "Formica Blues". For me, the album blends the nostalgic sounds of the 1960's with trip-hop quite nicely. Incidentally, the track "High Life" is VERY reminiscent of Petula Clark's 1960's hit "Downtown".

    Other artists that are worth checking out are Tosca, Massive Attack, Portishead, Thievery Corporation and Smoke City.

    As a final note, the track "Come To Nothing" by Australia's Car Stereo Wars is possibly a little bit more obscure than anything already mentioned. This song has a sound that kind of reminds me of Nellee Hooper's Edit of the Sneaker Pimps song "Six Underground". The Car Stereo Wars chillin' track "Come To Nothing" can be listened to at:

  • Modo - Small Hours
    worth checking out for deep dark moments of wiped-out washed-out insomnia...

    psychotrash for your ears
    homemade music
    lofi trance-rock
  • may3163 made some great recommendations, especially about Car Stereo wars, heard it on the Tic Tac Chill commercial. Amazing song

    Other goldies
    Left Side Drive - Boards of Canada
    The Plug (Quantic Mix) - Bonobo
    Inside my Mind (Blue Skies) - Groove Armada
    Bug Powder Dust - Faithless
    Treasures - Thievery Corporation

    and my current favorite Skyblue - Ishq

  • Cellotronics

    Seriously chilled, slightly psychedelic at times.

  • My humble contribution...

    Archive / Londinium (especially track #8 "Nothing Else")
    (forget their other albums, they aren't that good)

  • Om - Thebes

    Really chills me out.

  • If you haven't listened to the album Global Communication - 76:14, you need to. Now.

  • Junius - Martyrdom of a Catastrophist

    The album is very chill.

  • David Axelrod
    Iron and wine
    Little Joy
    Sigur Ros

    and right now im listening to the song "Empiric" - by Jet Black Crayon , which is quite chill.

    I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different.
  • Bonobo - Animal Magic / Dial 'M' for Monkey
    Tosca - Suzuki
    Arovane - Tides
    almost anything by Thievery Corporation

  • Shpongle

  • The Slender Man's Untouched in the Act of Love.

  • Max Corbacho - BreathStream

    The Album is very Spacechill

  • 1) Royksopp
    2) Chromeo
    3) Madonna
    4) Pnau
    5)Daft Punk
    6) MGMT
    7) Jay Jay Johanson
    8) The Presets
    9) The Stone Roses...

  • forgot!

  • the slender man, free downloads...

  • Raptorshaman said:

    srsly Nick? Burial?

    BUt im gonna say Boards of Canada.

  • I wouldn't say that Boards of Canada is relaxing music...

    recently I found some very nice and relaxing track - Northern Lights

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