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  • Chillout links

    Came across a pretty cool site for chillout music, reviews, downloads, etc. and thought I'd share:


    Anyone have any other good links?

  • If you're into seamless mixes, my favorite sites are these:

    These folks compile some nice stuff - not terribly experimental (if that's your thing), but nice. All mixes can be downloaded by torrent, and they give credit to the artists.

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    • 15 Nov 2006, 12:02
  • I haven't looked through this one completely but I like the stuff I have found.

    An excellent compilation is its one of my favorites, warning, you may get lost in the vast expanse of floating melodies and excellent beat foundations.

    A new find for me is

    A beat like this could tempt me.
    • dobatah said...
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    • 17 Nov 2006, 21:05
    "Computer games don't affect kids;
    I mean if PAC-MAN affected us as kids,
    we'd all be running around in darkened rooms,
    munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music..."

    ©Kristian Wilson, Nintendo Inc - 1989
  • some links

    Music 2 Remember...
  • my link

    And here´s my link...

    Music 2 Remember...
  • Big Chill Central

  • Not to mention

  • Thanks MixmasterMorris. Delighted to see you here!

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    • 19 Feb 2007, 16:37

    New Ambient Chill Website

    Hi, please check out

    Good quality streaming audio collections, feedback would be great



    • PhiL06 said...
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    • 24 Feb 2007, 19:32
    check this out :

    very much diferent electro musicgenres ! very nice...!

    Weekly Top Artists

    • mirton said...
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    • 31 Mar 2007, 13:10

  • Some Chilled Mixes From The Past

    Check out my personal additions to the "Another Late Night Series"

    Mix 1

    Mix 2

    Hope You Enjoy

    Peace n' La™

    Todd "The Big La" Kelley
    + DJ/Music Director [ ]
    + Producer [ ]
    + Composer [ ]
    + MySpacer [ ]
    + All Around Cool Dude [ ]
  • here's a nice chilly band: Computer

  • Has anyone listened to the Magnatune podcast?

    Check out:

    I enjoyed the music from May 2, 2007 podcast.

  • Mr. Loco Chillout music "Mystic"

    Hey, THANKS 4 Ur FRIENDSHIP! : )

    Hey hey, You might know Us!!
    Have you Seen Nacho Libre de Movie with Black Jack=Tennaciuos D.?
    Well, Several of our songs as RELIGIOUS MAN, MR. LOCO, PAPAS and BUBBLE GUM were used in the soundtrack of the film NACHO LIBRE.

    "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way", Mahatma Gandhi
    PEACE IS THE WAY challenges each of us to take the next leap in personal evolution.

    Music can be one of the ways. Enjoy music that makes you feel in peace w/ yourself.

    Now, You can look for and DOWNLOAD some of Mr. Loco's soundtracks from NACHO LIBRE the movie and MUCH MORE HOT music at:

    Selling Site:

    Do not forget to share w/ friends & BE HAPPY!
    From Mexico w/ Love
    Mr. Loco / Mr. Loco Band


    Great artwork/great music

    My Weak Beats Your Year
    • uetsu said...
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    • 27 Feb 2009, 14:01
    Some real gems at Great artwork here, too.

    • mokota said...
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    • 5 May 2009, 12:36

    There are plenty of downtempo mixes to download at

    Please check out my recent downtempo trip hop mix.


  • Check out the Artist on this Record Label - "Ultimae".

    Some amazing Artist and albums.
    You will not be disappointed.

    • yogotox said...
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    • 6 Mar 2010, 23:01
    Loneliness after Dusk This compilation includes tracks from soundtracks, trip-hop, chill-out, new age, jazz and R&B music. The music for long, lonely nights. ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Mooli - Black Spring Ep

    ' Gliders' by Mooli- part of the new ' Black Spring Ep' out now!

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