Favorite Sox Player

  • Favorite Sox Player

    Who is your favorite Sox player currently on the team?

    Of all time?

    Mine are Jim Thome, and Frank Thomas.

    Bury it... I won't let you bury it...
  • Carlton Fisk was my favorite growing up. I went to a game in 1989 at the tender age of three (I guess) and the souvineer was a baseball card book celebrating the 30th anniversarry of the Go Go Sox with some sheets in them. The entire back section was full of just Carlton Fisk cards; it had to have been the last five or six pages dedicated solely to Pudge.

    Some other favorites throughout the years

    Scott Radinsky. He sings in one of my all time favorite bands, Pulley, and he pitched for the Sox. I'd like to shake his hand some day and thank him for being a part of the '93 team and for writing some damn fine punk rock songs.

    Frank Thomas. He's a baby but I don't care. He was the only player I ever wrote to asking for an autograph. I went to his first game back at Comiskey this year and proudly took part in the standing ovation before he came to bat.

    Mark Buerhle. His insane pace is perfect for my short attention span. There's nothing better than a quick and clean baseball game.

    Albert Belle. Just kidding! Fuck Joey "Albert" Belle.

    Jim Thome. Even though he's new and used to play for the damn Indians he seems like the nicest guy in the world. There's a palpable feeling of electricity when he bats.

    Herbert Perry. One of my friends was obsessed with Herb for no clear cut reason. Thinking back on it always makes me chuckle.

    Joe Crede. I was at the game where he got his first hit in 2000, I believe it was against the Blue Jays. For years you always heard about how he was going to be great. They were right.

    AJ. He's such a dick and I love him for it.

  • Yeah I absolutely love Frank Thomas. I grew up modelling myself after him and his swing. I have always been one of the bigger guys in my local house league, and maybe that was part of it, but the guy is insane with a bat. I was at his last game this year, and I cheered him every single time he came up, and after everything he did.

    Jim Thome is just fucking insane.

    Konerko rocks, Crede, AJP, Buehrle, Jenks, Iguchi... wait, basically the entire team kicks ass. They are all just so fucking unbelievable. Except Uribe.

    Bury it... I won't let you bury it...
  • My favorite players would have to be Scotty Pod, and A.J

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    • 15 Jan 2007, 01:33
    Dye & Iguchi

    =] I really wish Dye would come to SoxFest this year.

  • Sox players

    Current- Joe Crede

    All time- Obviously The Big Hurt and "Shoeless" Joe.

  • current- aj. 05 alcs vs. anaheim, need i say more?

    all-time- aj and rowand, they play the game the way it should be.

  • Current - John Danks and Gordon Beckham
    All-Time - Robin Ventura

    (Edited - Dec '09)

  • Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye ...

    Why the hell did you hit your husband with a Chair ?

    "i couldn't lift the Table."
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