Wake up Call! (post-rock, metal, atmospheric rock)

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    • 10 Feb 2011, 16:05

    Wake up Call! (post-rock, metal, atmospheric rock)


    I've a One-person homerecording project called Wake up Call!. For now, there's only one (demo-)track officially released: No Other Way (Download as mp3, ogg or flac), but I'm heavily working on my second one. So expect some more tracks shortly.
    It's hard to name a genre for my own music, so I'd appreciate if you'd tag the track whatever comes up to your mind while listening to it.
    Moreover, feel free to read my blog, which deals with building up a DIY-Homestudio, Songwriting, Recording techniques and other related stuff.
    Last but not least, feel free to follow me on twitter or Facebook

    Band: Wake up Call!
    Latest Release: No Other Way

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