Skiye - instrumental (for now) / multi-genre composer

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    • 3 Jul 2010, 21:07

    Skiye - instrumental (for now) / multi-genre composer

    my webpage:
    my artist page: Skiye
    my youtube channel: youtube/SkiyeSounds album directory:
    Malfunction Junction - latest release...
    I'm Only In It For The Music - third release, assorted genres.
    Acoustique - american primitive style/acoustic compositions
    The Spaces Between Words - oldest recorded material of mine, done org via cassette/dub. primarily "progressive rock" i would say...

    hi. here's a bit about me personally...and musically - its the same thing ;)

    "traditional" illeist format:
    Skiye’s music is unique and birthed from his many various influences over the years. You can hear these many influences throughout his compositions. Most of the music written by Skiye is idiosyncratic and/or atonal and follows no predetermined structure or style. His music is also known for shifting genres within a single song, often more than once or blending genres together. Skiye either plays or programs all of the instruments heard on his tracks; as well as mixes and masters them. His songs are produced “by the noise in his head” and are written in full before they ever become audible to someone else. Skiye was a recipient of the Louis Armstrong Award in 1999/2000 as a senior in high school for his multi-instrumental and conducting/composing abilities.

    While those abilities have evolved over the years the music has too. The first album “The Spaces Between Words” is a lo-fi collection of works from Skiye’s early years (a lot of which predates the aforementioned award). Mostly recorded with “livingroom technology” from ages 14 and up, this album maintains a progressive rock/jazz style for the most part and was actually meant to be only 4 songs. Tracks 1-3 are one song, tracks 4-5 are one song and tracks 6-7 are one song - the fourth song was omitted and replaced with other various recordings from his younger years up until the year that was released to the public. And tracks 4-5 and 6-7 were originally both preceded by other songs which were completely omitted due to their terrible sound quality - and Skiye’s frustration.

    Skiye’s sophomore self-release, entitled “Acoustique” explores his “songwriting roots.” Labeled as another sort of “American Primitivism” work, this album features only Skiye and his resonator guitar and showcases a few different picking styles - like flatpicking, fingerpicking and lap/slide guitar. Videos for most of the tracks on this album are available as well (here @ and on his youtube channel). Skiye uses the acoustic guitar as his medium song writing tool for the majority of his tracks - this album was made to pay homage to that raw, unedited, unfiltered channeling of sound from his brain to your speakers.

    The third album from Skiye came in the form of “I’m Only In It For The Music.” With a title that stirs up memories of an old Frank Zappa album, Skiye has put together a collection of most recent instrumental tracks spanning genres from classical to jazz to rock and more. The many musicians and other various things that inspire Skiye’s music are prominently displayed here in auditory bliss. This, the first semi-prolific album from the musical pioneer, embraces many perspectives on many genres of music. It has been described as “…having a song for any and every mood.”

    Skiye’s new releases continue to push musical boundaries and break down the structural foundations that prevent and/or do not encourage the invention of new music and styles or the innovation and evolution of what already exists.

    click here for links to my many pages (ie. youtube, facebook, myspace, ilike, blogspot, twitter, etc...)

    thanks for checking it out!!!!

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    stuff not on yet...

    me playing drums when i was 13:
    i was in 8th grade and chris (guitarist) was in 10th (i think, that or 7th and 9th haha).
    starts after the magic (15sec?)
    led zeppelin medly - whole lotta love/heartbreaker (guitar solo)/dazed and confused/moby dick (drum solo)/whole lotta love ending.

    an older composition, but not 'recorded with band' yet:

    is a "prog metal/rock/jazz" well, hell..."fusion" piece (haha) that i havent gotten to record like the other tracks yet...appears 'classically arranged' on I'm Only In It For The Music in three parts.

    the music directory:
    this will link you directly to my 'works in progress' - it will be updated as the song(s) is/are updated =)
    this link is direct to my newest track (will prompt to save or open most likely), doesnt have a name yet. this mix still needs the lead guitar(s) and possible vocals. i would consider it primarily a rock song but it touches on a few different styles slightly (as most of my pieces do). the second half of the "quiet middle part" uses the same chord progression mathematically, but is only 1/2 step up, giving the impression that it "sounds the same" when in fact it is not. =) the use of major thirds throughout this piece also makes it a bit more interesting as far as key signatures are concerned.

    how i make my music, all by myself:
    yes, i do it all...

    a project a la instrument:
    the lesecaster project

    **all of my music is available for free "direct from artist" preview or for individual track downloads in 128/kbps mp3 format here on, but here are some links for high quality downloads of full albums not available through
    "I'm Only In It For The Music" -
    flac / mp3

    "Acoustique" -
    flac / mp3

    *downloads above are hosted via - enter the captcha, wait the 45 seconds and download whole albums for free. yes, free - just click flac or mp3 to be linked to the desired format or click the album name in blue to be linked to the wiki page.

    flac settings are "-8" and mp3 settings are "320/kbps cbr" (can post spectral images if desired)
    no download for my first album available this way yet...

    thanks for checking it out!!!!

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    • 15 Nov 2010, 00:11

    New Music Up

    2 New songs for the next album in the works are posted @
    *all new/upcoming tracks are posted on this page now - updated regularly.

    ...or click directly on one of these to open/save -
    "On My Mind" and "Abominable Bumble"

    Also, new videos posted on my youtube channel including a few live performances with some friends from Mexicali Blues in Teaneck New Jersey - Nov 5 2010.

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    • 19 Jul 2011, 13:35

    A Few Updates

    New Album "Malfunction Junction" being posted -
    Malfunction Junction - the latest addition to the family, this record explores other musical fascinations and ways of producing noises not native to the selected instruments. Not to be shrugged off as completely experimental avant-garde, Malfunction Junction is a junction of popular musical formats tweaked and rearranged to form something new...

    More social media?
    Skiye @
    mmmm, lossless formats...

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    • 12 Aug 2011, 15:40

    Artist Group

    ...created in an effort to generate a proper "similar artists" radio and to have a bit more freedom on posting than what the general artist page allows:
    please feel free to join if you enjoy the musics. thanks! :)

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    • 8 Oct 2011, 15:37

    New Track

    Speaking in Tones - from Malfunction Junction
    a lovely mix of classical with a different type of classical lead instrument. melodies are bright.

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