• Mink15: triphop-electroncia

    Hi everyone!

    We are Mink15 a trio from the Shropshire/Powys border area, making downtempo, electronic, funky music. There is also some indie and folk in the mix too. And some funk.

    So far we have released one single 'Sickening Love, with 'b-side' Acoustic Love, although we have many tracks nearly finished.... (watch this space)

    Our bandcamp page is here: music.mink15.com

    Our blog is here: blog.mink15.com

    Our Reverb Nation page

    The band are: Ash (voice) andy (music) and Rob (lead guitar)

  • 'Moth In My Ear'

    Our latest: Moth In My Ear.

  • We also have a facebook page: http://facebook.com/mink15

  • 'Moth In My Ear' - promo

    Ash has made a video for Moth In My Ear!

  • 'Beautiful'

    Beautiful is our latest track...

    Christmas Beetles is the slightly odd remix 'b-side'

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