The Flemish Primitives- Minimal/Pop/Kunstlied

  • The Flemish Primitives- Minimal/Pop/Kunstlied

    Somewhat clumsy home bedrooms from yet another would-be bedroom auteur from somewhere in the middle of North America can be found at The Flemish Primitives. I don't quite know how best to describe my own music, and I wouldn't presume to say so myself, necessarily, but a complete stranger once said it sounded like a cross between the Velvet Underground and Neutral Milk Hotel, which left me about as pleased as could be. The words of such songs as have them are not original, but rather stolen from poems I'm fond of (Baudelaire, Verlaine, Stephen and Crane, Mayakovsky, etc). I am the source of all sounds heard, however. And, should you care to stop by, 'twould tickle my foolish vanity to have another listener besides myself. Merci.

    • Babs_05 said...
    • Moderator
    • 17 Apr 2009, 18:07
    I really enjoyed your album. What year would you attribute it to? (could do with adding to the album wiki). Could do with an album cover too. Can I help?

    The music for me was more along the lines of Neutral Milk Hotel and that kind of side of modern folk. I heard old sounds in there too, like medieval church or something, but maybe that's just me! heh

    Update this thread as often as you like with all your news etc, especially more music! :)

  • A bit of shamefaced self-promotion here

    but since that's the whole point of this place...I see it's been almost a year since I first posted here and never really came back. In the meantime, there are likely a few new songs, one just finished that I'm not entirely displeased with. All are available for free download for the time being at, or, should you prefer something that streams so you can just have a listen (as I would), also at Thanks!

  • A new mini-album finished

    Four songs, three of them new, one for each season of the year- they're a bit of a mixed bag, one upbeat and poppy, one droney/electronic/musique concrete (best listened to with headphones), one a more classical art-song, one pretty and instrumental. Words by Charles d'Orleans, Rimbaud, and Shelley, respectively, all sounds by myself. If you'd care to have a listen, it's streaming here at Horae, or can be downloaded, along with some more information, at the bandcamp page. Thanks!

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