DJ AJA Inc. - trip-hop, funky house, prog house.

  • DJ AJA Inc. - trip-hop, funky house, prog house.

    DJ AJA Inc.Kate Needs a Hammer
    Some of these descriptions may be wildly inaccurate:
    Lord - Sir Iggy Pop - prog house
    Thru' the Night - throwing dark - prog house
    Fear of Flying - scared birds - trip-hop
    A Very Popular Song - the unheard of (me) - trip-hop
    Behaviour of Politicians - bad behaviour - trip-hop
    Funky Fly - a very special fly - funky jazz
    Rollin' On - smoking - funky house
    Shadow Boxing - the Shadows falling out - funky house
    Let's Go - leaving - funky house
    Big Hair - cure for baldness - big beat
    Basser/ha! ha! - comedy number - funky house
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    Good luck, God bless.......

  • Very witty. Good to see you on here. I'm going for a mooch about.

  • Thanks daatlarge, I should be writing lyrics instead of instrumentals. Maybe not.
    I've managed to finish another one:
    DJ AJA Inc.Alligators
    fairly self explanatory - uneasy, off-kilter, a bit scary...... And that's just me!
    idm, trip-hop

  • Well I got past the Alligators now I feel safe:
    Love is....
    idm, trip-hop, dubby would be good, thanks :)

  • New Track!

    I'm trying something different for me, so feedback would be kind (good or bad) :)
    Ambient with a twist :

    DJ AJA Inc.Oceans Away (drifting version)

  • I love you, Alan...Oh...and, I love your music. Now...can I get it to play? Let's see...........

  • Heeeyyy!!!! That's what I call feedback.... :)))) You can't listen to it though....Sorry! Not my fault....!

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