HealeyIsland - Light Meets Electronic Music - new CD

  • HealeyIsland - Light Meets Electronic Music - new CD

    There's a new HealeyIsland CD out on White Label Music. It comes in a tobacco tin style metal box with art work. I've uploaded previews of a few tracks from it on here. It is called Not Afternoon, But Evening Here's a review of it written by Gus Reviews

    HealeyIsland are signed with the ground breaking independent electronic music record label White Label Music. My last album West Of Here Is West Of Here came out over a year ago and since then I have been wrestling with the follow up. The way things are going it might come out in the autumn of this year. Having said that, it was due out in the spring of this year. From time to I put out free EPs of music. Occasionally these are released under the name HealeyIsland Sometimes I release more blatantly experimental music as Milo Moesche and poxxicle - this is also available to download for free.

    The music of HealeyIsland is deliberately diverse, combining live instrumentation with electronic sounds and samples to explore how different styles and genres of music can be used to express ideas and emotions and create new forms in music.

    Look out for the THRIFT compilation album from WHITE LABEL MUSIC which is due out on the 21st of July. This is CD and contains new HealeyIsland track Your Final Journey.

    Please, have a listen to my music HealeyIsland which is, as it says above, Light Music meets electronic music with a few guitars thrown in. There are also one or two references to film music too.

    Some of my music is available to buy, some to stream and some for free as downloads.

    West Of Here Is West Of Here
    Temporary Demonstration One
    Secrecy is a matter of opinion


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  • One of my favourite artists...

    ...and a jolly good fellow.
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