Open thread for artist connections...

  • Open thread for artist connections...

    We've got a really small list of artist connections started. If you think an artist belongs in this group -- post it here!

    (Just added Ghoultown :)

    The Future is Dark...
  • Rykarda Parasol

  • OK recently added Woodbox Gang, The Denver Gentlemen (can't believe I forgot them!), Elliott BROOD and Rykarda Parasol

    The Future is Dark...
  • This week's adds...

    Murder by Death
    Creech Holler
    The Black Heart Procession
    Big Back Forty

    The Future is Dark...
  • I actually found this when my band got pulled in - The Gulf of Michigan. We've got our new EP coming out this month, which gets even more murder ballady.

  • Well right on! Ballads should be about murder. Or revenge. Preferably both. But definitely not kittens.

    OK then. Most recent adds:

    The Gulf of Michigan
    Stone Jack Jones
    Justin Townes Earle
    Rodeo Kill
    Muleskinner Jones

    The Future is Dark...
  • So... apparently the new "recent activity" section has relieved me of the compulsion to document every artist I add to connections in this thread.

    However, I'm gonna keep it open in hopes that someone's got some artist suggestions. So speak up!


    The Future is Dark...
  • You should add the Hungarian band Psycho Mutants. They play a nice mix of country, blues, psychobilly, with deep vocals.

    Their Myspace

  • Almost forgot!!

    Well, their album It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land for sure. Tough Guys Don't Dance is not so western gothic (lacks the good vocals). Mark Lanegan forever!!

  • Psycho Mutants are cool. Also added Last Train Home (not so gothic as cowpunk). I've always loved Soulsavers... just not sure if they fit here. Nothing country/western about 'em really. More like soul music.

    The Future is Dark...
    • FNoise said...
    • User
    • 5 Oct 2008, 16:32

    The Black Angels.
    Did you hear their dirst album, Passover?

    .-Foetal Noise-. (Dark Industrial Ambient project)
  • SINisterRex said:
    I've always loved Soulsavers... just not sure if they fit here. Nothing country/western about 'em really. More like soul music.

    Don't know, I've always found It's Not How Far.. atmospherically fitting with this whole country-western concept. But yeah, it's soul.

  • Graham Lindsey -- also great stuff!

    The Future is Dark...

  • Sorry; missed Johnny Cash and Hank III the first time I looked at the connections.
    Oh, here's one:

    Unknown Hinson

  • Can't believe I missed Son Volt! They do sorta have that dark brooding thing going...

    The Future is Dark...
  • Great Band to add:


  • Great suggestion, Dixiclaw!

    But they were already connected :)

    The Future is Dark...
  • How about Townes Van Zandt?

  • Townes Van Zandt added! I thought he was on here, but I was probably thinking of Justin Townes Earle.

    The Future is Dark...
  • Maybe you can add Seress Rezső, the original composer of the Gloomy Sunday song?

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 8 Dec 2008, 22:43
    How about Leslie Woods & Dark Mountain Orchid?

  • Thanks guys...

    ... for the suggestions. I'll go check them out.

    Meanwhile... recently added:

    Trailer Bride and

    The Future is Dark...
  • what about Christian Williams? I think he fits perfectly.
    not sure about Howling Willie Cunt, not so cemetary more brothel but anyway worth checking out.
    and please do not forget to add Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks - early solo project of already added Those Poor Bastards singer, even more dark and gloomy.
    and, with all of a sudden (at least for me), gothic americana from Russia - Other in June (their album is available for free download here).

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