Cat pics

  • Bella, the mum..

    Luna, her kitten..

    And this is our sentinel of the front porch.. a cat abandoned by our neighbours when they moved away, so now we feed him, and are trying to find a home for this one. My rather politically incorrect housemate calls him Sambo, and, unfortunately, it has caught on amongst my friends, although they prefer to call him Sammy, instead.

  • My dark darling Mikes

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    • 8 Oct 2008, 08:07

    Re: My dark darling Mikes

    CrazyDiamond23 said:

    pronunciation "Mikeš" ?

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    • 8 Oct 2008, 08:11
    pretty funny faces <3

  • Coming home with me soon

    There is no way to heavy metal... Heavy metal is the way

  • Jag is the black cat and he is the BOSS :D

    esso is the ginger cat and likes to hide

    link is the youngest and really tame and friendly

  • That´s my little clown called Lilly:

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    • 9 Jan 2009, 03:30
    look at this cat |
    omg beautiful <3

    • tiit19 said...
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    • 16 Jan 2009, 20:49
    This picture is taken today midday in my home town Tallinn, Estonia:

  • My Mikeš :))

    nekuřte na koncertech / don´t smoke at concerts
  • Stitch, sticking out her tongue.

    Maggie (the baby), she is always is so hard to get a picture of her that isn't blurry, which explains the slight blurriness of her eyes

    There's three other cats that grace me with their presence, but I don't have any digital photos of them. Sam (about eighteen years old; orange long haired male tabby), Missy (about nine years old; short haired female calico), and, this quite possibly the worst name for anyone, White-y Boy (white long haired male)...I named him when I was three and he is white the name just kind of stuck. It's not like I was a racist three year least I would hope not xD

  • You can check my fuzzball, Maria Preta (Black Mary ahah, guess why?) on my avatar, on my myspace: & at her hi5:

    Oh, and here's a video of her bitting my hand off:

  • tiit19 şöyle demiş:
    This picture is taken today midday in my home town Tallinn, Estonia:

    fantastic photo !!! it is in my desktop now ;)

  • Mr. Gray, an abandoned kitty who came home with me from work one day. Now he is a totally spoiled housecat! =))

    There is no way to heavy metal... Heavy metal is the way
  • An here is my male cat gang. :-)

    Hobbes (he is the oldest and the leader of the gang.)

    Filou ( the youngster and the clown)

    and Fussel (the black devil)

    Taking a nap

    There is always one, who brakes the line. :-)

  • These are mine, Wendy and Steffi.

    (¯`·._.·Life is Hard Dakara Happy!·._.·´¯)
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    • 17 Jul 2009, 15:13
    I havent't cat, but i love my cousin's cat. ;)

  • some new pics of my cats I'd like to share with you :)

    Seems they really liked these boxes once I removed my new bookshelves (originally there were two other empty boxes on top of this one; I removed them to take the shot)...

    This is the pretty stray who decided to move in some time ago; I named her Jennyanydots after the cat in T.S. Elliots poem The Old Gumbie Cat, as she's a real lookalike...

    Jenny likes Mr. Sushi a lot, should have named the two of them Romeo & Juliet ;)

    Mr. Sushis favourite place in my library...

    And on the 8th day, God created the Blues.
    • SsX1337 said...
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    • 2 Sep 2009, 21:59

    Sir Bo Van Goldhoppig

    This cat got some royal blood :D But its the cat of my exgirlfriend... i miss him :`(

  • Audiophil85, nice picture! So here's my cat (her name is "Kisa":)):

    Ja marnatraŭny syn kniaztva spadaroŭ, marnatraŭny syn suničnych paloŭ, marnatraŭny syn - što rablu ja tut? Čas iści damoŭ...
    (© Ulis)
  • Tussi & Oscar

    So much cuteness and personality! Some of the other cats in here look very similar, too bad cats don't know their resemblance.

    Here is our partners in crime chillin'. Main interest are cuddling, food, murdering toys and observe any ongoings.

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    • 14 Feb 2011, 06:51
    My cat Bailey. He died in 2009.

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    • 3 Sep 2011, 01:10
    My baby Nappi.

  • Taken when she was 13 years old, now 15. Amazing cat!

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