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    day after dimebag was shot, capdown played a show and had a notice on one of their amps proclaiming 'I SHOT DIMEBAG'
    this resulted in much hatred towards capdown & fans thereof from generally all fans of metal rock
    at the time i was a mod on a capdown forum which was the target of much angry and death threat after the events mentioned above
    after this all calmed down, something good happened on the internet; whenever you image searched 'capdown' on google a picture of the infamous 'I SHOT DIMEBAG' sign from the show, which was taken by someone there, would appear on the first page

    that is the end of the story.

    my question is DOES THIS picture exist anywhere anymore i can not find it and would like to see it again for the memories

    i am ftw nsfw qft on the internet
  • oh btw i have this picture now if anyone wants to see.

    only 3 1/2 years later

    i am ftw nsfw qft on the internet
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