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Created on: 24 Jul 2011
The lead vocalist of an American hardcore/metalcore band ''Walls of Jericho'' ;)

An interview with Candance

Why did you get started with music in the first place?

Candace: Probably just like most people, my parents were very heavily influenced by music, a bunch of different type of music. They were younger parents, so I had a very good mix of rock’n’roll and some country, also new pop stuff. My mom liked Michael Jackson, my dad listened to like Aerosmith and Metallica, also a bit Johnny Cash and stuff. So as I got older, I went through my parents’ CDs and tapes, I remember my dad’s whole box of music as I picked up a Metallica tape which was a single. On one side was “One” and I remember putting it on when I was in 6th grade or something and I remember I was headbanging until my head fell off.

I grew up without cable so I didn’t have any of the TV stuff to influence me those days, so I kind of had to go off with what I heard at school or with my parents’ stuff. What is always funny is that all my friends were always into popular rap, popular r’n’b and stuff, but I was never into that kind of stuff, I rather listened to Beastie Boys or Cypress Hill. Even though it was rap, I still liked the darker rap. And I also very much liked metal, and then got into punk rock, so it kind of took off from there. And the more aggressive it got, the more I was interested, and the more they had something to say, the more I wanted to hear what they had to say.

And when did the idea about an own band got into your head?

C: I have been going to shows for years so it just made sense to me to be in a band. I was inspired by it. I went to every show I could. I missed so much school because so I could go to shows. I would get home in the morning, sleep in class and go to shows almost every night. Since 9th grade I was going to shows all the time. Being in a band then was not that much of an escape, but it was also not meant to be professional. Everybody that was in hardcore that time, that wasn’t meant to be professional, still isn’t. You feel lucky if you get to do anything that is outside of your state. I was in a band for one and a half years where the furthest we went was 4 hours away from my house – once! We are definitely very lucky today.
That’s why hardcore is so underground – it isn’t supposed to be mainstream, but it makes sense that it is now. But then it was just more of an outlet for us.

Why does it make more sense that it is more mainstream now?

C: Because it got so powerful, it got so influential, it got so inspiring. Hardcore is supposed to have a message, it is supposed to reach people, it is supposed to change life. It is underground until it has to bring itself out, it has to blow, it has to blossom, it has to grow. So I think it finally started growing, I think the message started to spread out. And the more people you get to hear your message, the more your message is going to make a statement, the more it is actually going to make a change. And that is wat is important, that is why mainstream hardcore can be good.

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