Bands you want to tour Canada

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    • 21 Feb 2007, 00:38

    Bands you want to tour Canada

    Ah, why not ask?

    So are there any bands you'd like to see in concert in Canada, you know, so you don't have to cross the border and it won't cost you a fortune :p

    Personally I'd like to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, and Asian Kung-Fu Generation. They're just so energetic live, I think it'd be a blast :P

    Unfortunately I missed the Chilis when they came through with the Mars Volta, I was sad. But oh well.

    What about you guys?

  • I heard that Muse was opening for My Chemical Romance on their Canadian tour this spring.

    I'd love to see just about any British act I like that doesn't have a hope in hell of touring here!

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    • 22 Feb 2007, 05:50
    I've heard rumours that KISS might tour Canada. I doubt that there is a grain of truth to the rumour, but it's nice to have hope. Megadeth is about to tour Canada as an opening act for Black Sabbath's current incarnation, which is called Heaven and Hell. I wish that the tour was a little more extensive, though, because not everyones lives in Vancouver and Toronto.

  • 1)Frontline Assembly - they had a mini tour but never made it here b/c their tour bus boke down
    2)Orbital (no longer touring) so Phil Hartnoll, why oh why cant North American in general get the electronic crowds euro's can. The closest thing I can fathom is over here there is a generalization I find of electronic and raves which is a mere small subgenre(house)
    3)Anna Waronker - only does shows locally in Cali. that Im aware of.
    4)Meat Beat Manifesto - would LOVE to see this stuff played live would be as interesting and great as Coldcut was way back when I saw them.

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    • 22 Feb 2007, 07:57

    nugents cafe

    well of course The Mighty RUSH new album May1st cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woods of Ypres and Amon Amarth.

  • Radiohead

  • Bob Dylan again. Actually, he was in Canada at the beginning of his current tour. What I'm saying is, I want him to come back to MY town!

    Apart from that, I'd love to see Ramblin' Jack Elliott up here. Living legend.

    • Shaner5 said...
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    • 21 Apr 2007, 01:33
    I'd like a lot of bands to tour Canada, but that just wont be happening anytime soon lol.

    I heard Godsmack was in town, but my friends let me down by not wanting to go.. I just went and seen John Mayer so that's covered...

    I want Tom Petty to come back to Toronto. Nickelback sometime.. Daughtry but he's american so that wont happen either.

    Damn, guess im gunna have to go to Buffalo a lot =[.

  • Mostly CKY and Queens Of The Stone Age

    I'ma skull-fuck you in the ass!
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    • 3 Jul 2007, 05:06
    Within Temptation and AC/DC. :)

    Madonna again would be cool, too.

  • Beastie Boys, Muse, Daft Punk... too many to list

  • AC/DC i wanna see the stones again they were awsome and maybe Pink Floyd

    Rock & Roll Lives
  • I'm pissed that Calgary has a lame bylaw about outdoor concerts.. the Stones would have been killer at McMahon Stadium.

    That and I would have been able to get a ticket. :(

  • I would love it if Morrissey would tour Canada again. However, this is unlikely to happen in the near future, as he purporsely does not come to Canada in protest of the annual seal hunt.

    Whatever one's opinion is on that, music fans should not be made to suffer!

  • Rage plz

  • I was so excited when Amon Amarth announced Canadian tour dates but the one near me is during exam time. *sad*

    But I think it would be grand if Eisbrecher could tour Canada. The problem with this lovely country of ours is it's shear size. Small bands have a hard time getting the funds together to make everyone happy.

  • /wishes for Radiohead

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    • 22 Nov 2007, 15:02
    Cursive, Say Anything, Radiohead, so many more. i'm in toronto and i barely ever get to see the bands i like.. even the brand new concert coming up dec. 13 - with mewithoutYou *salivates* - i can't go to because i'm living with my mom and she's a bitch when it comes to school

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    • 8 Dec 2007, 19:59
    i'd like to see more 'canadian' tours include the east coast. i realize that's a pipe dream.

    anyway, for big venue bands: incubus, pearl jam, tool, nin, dave matthews band, foo fighters

    for smaller venue bands: the slackers, iron and wine, explosions in the sky, dirty three, john butler trio, gov't mule

    • JoshDML said...
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    • 16 Dec 2007, 15:48
    Too many to name.

    • PSRT said...
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    • 17 Dec 2007, 03:52
    Two words: Gin Blossoms

  • Explosions In The Sky would be pretty rad, kinda bummed I missed them at Coachella.

    Bloc Party, Athlete, Embrace....I'd love to see all of them.

    Ryan Adams, Tori Amos.....Chemical Brothers, Orbital....tons more

  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, CKY, Modest Mouse mainly....there are so many others though. Ottawa is such a cultural wasteland- we never get anything good here. We are getting Tokyo Police Club and the Foo Fighters though, which is awesome

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Jan 2008, 20:51
    Muse. They've been like, to the moon and back on their most recent tour but not Canada :{

    Bell X1, Explosions in the Sky, Patrick Wolf, Rachael Yamagata, god. So many. That's a start.

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