• Top 10 Albums of 2008

    11 Dec 2008, 03:58 by timz0r

    10. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

    These guys are Australian but i wont hold it aganst them. Huge improvement over their first album wich to me was okay but didnt hold up. Its a Solid album of beautiful synth hits very similar to . Best Track: Tie between Lights and Music and Hearts On Fire because they sound so similar.

    9. Hot Chip - Made in the Dark

    I love these guys, innovative yet dancable, Ready for the Floor is such a fun track, and did not dissapoint after wowing me with Over and Over. Proving that dance music doesnt have to be fast and heavy. You can chill out, slow dance or rave to this album.

    8. Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple

    While not as well recieved as their debut, the odd couple builds on the duos mix of great producing and soul inspired vocals. GB is the perfect mix of fantastic Soul singing (a rarety these days) and fantastic producing (Dangermouse needs some more solo projects, the grey album was fantastic). Run (I'm a Natural Disaster) is a great track which draws from soul and R'n'B sounds from back in the 90's and 80's (hence their awesome retro mmusic video). Also Who's Gonna Save My Soul is a great heartfelt song with a great fitting video to match.

    7. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

    Heres an interesting fact, their single Alice Practice was actually made from a recording of a mic check. That innovation is present throughout the album that is a unconentional mix of elecronic sounds that show where electro is moving these days. Recomended Listening: Air War

    6. TV on the Radio - Dear Science

    I will confess that i did pass on previous album Return to Cooke Mountain when it was released back in 2006. Having heard Dancing Choose in Septembers Indie/Rock Playlist i was hooked. Such a rad track that you could not help but dance to. It represents what i love about "indie" music, bands who dont play to rock out or to what people want to hear but to to playu how they want to, not trying to fit into any sort of style or genre. i cant really classify TVotR into any sort of genre apart from Awesome, and thats what they are. Looking forward to seeing them at BDO 2009.

    5. Beck - Modern Guilt

    Beck creates a different soundscape with every album he makes, This time was even more different with the addition of Gnarls Barkley Producer Dangermouse, who turnes everything he touches into gold and brings out the best of Beck. Gamma Ray is now one of my fav beck tracks and others like profanity prayers, youthless, orphan are all great beck tracks.

    4. Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

    2008, the year i discovered the mashup. Well not really but it was the year i discovered that mashup could be considered actual musical talent. Girl Talk is Greg gills, who makes mashups, but not just with 2 or more songs, GT samples as many as 30 or 40 song into one track. Not just hiphop and top 40 but from a range of artists, genres, eras, mixing in a hook from one song, a beat from another and a acapella track from another. Not only is this possibly the greatest mashup ive ever heard but its clusterf**k of samples makes it an infectious and highly original sounding record. Bands sampled include Ice Cube, Of Montreal, Michael Jackson, Procol Harem, Electric Light Orchestra, Beyonce, Blur, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Frankly its a masterpiece and proves that there really is an art in sampling and mashups.

    3. Late of the Pier - Fantasy Black Channel

    I first heard LotP on Alt tv with their lo-fi video for Focker, featuring bleeding synths and a robot, who comes in for the instrumental and bashes the band to death. On that videos methods alone i had to check out this album. LotP are a band who are at home in someones house party, beating out their music from a crappy PA infront of a bunch of drunken teenagers. This is the feeling i get whenever i listen to them. Not trying to have the greatest sounding hooks or synth sounds but just having a good time and making people dance. And through this they sound awesome. I only wish i could go to rythum and vines to see these guys, and the other awesome bands who are going.

    2. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

    Reviving my love for folk type music (since discovering The Decemberists back in 06) Fleet foxes's self titled album is the most beautful album i have heard in a while. Their music is the perfect escape from busy life, making me want to grow a beard and move to an island somewhere. White Winter Hymnal fits in any situation and im looking forward to catching them live next year.

    1. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

    Proberbly my most listened album of 2008. This album is incredible. Time to Pretend envokes such strong feelings, it gives me shivers every time i hear it. The opening synth hook is almost the greatest thing ive ever heard. For a debut album this is very sharp stuff. Every track has a very strong emotion or setting to it. I first heard Time to Pretend played at the very end of seson 2 of Skins and was instantly hooked.

    Notable mentions

    Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs
    Does it offend you, yeah? - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into
    Glasvegas - Glasvegas
    New Pornographers - Challengers
    Ben Folds - Way To Normal

    P.s. Im not much of a music blogger but i am trying. All these tracks will be playing on heavy rotation till the end of 08 on Moshbox Radio! check it out!