camera obscura influenced bands

  • camera obscura influenced bands

    Can anybody recomend any new bands who kinda have a camera obscura like sound?
    The only band i can think of would have to be this new band The Afternoon Naps who i found out about on indie mp3 they remind me of camera obscura, b&s, and orange juice all rolled into one!

    naps myspace page

    • rhismi said...
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    • 29 Jul 2008, 23:22

    re: camera obscura influenced bands

    try the hermit crabs.. most of their stuff is just a less-good version of co, but the track 'feel good factor' is worth checking out.

  • My band is heavily influenced by Camera Obscura. We are called Thunder Power.

  • I discovered them via a recommendation from Sarah Blasko. Her second album 'What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have' is especially in the Camera Obscura sort of style.

  • ummm?

    not is band...
    is solist Candie Payne. i like

  • the softies!

  • operator please and lucky soul

  • the school sound like camera obscura in some ways

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