What are the most recent cds you have ordered from CD Baby?

    • SGwinn said...
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    • 7 Oct 2008, 21:55

    What are the most recent cds you have ordered from CD Baby?

    I just got "Ukulele Breeze" by: Herb Ohta, Jr. and "Kimo-Therapy" by Kimo, in the mail from CD Baby a few days ago. I have also just ordered Jules Day's self-titled cd. I can't wait for that one to come in.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Oct 2008, 15:06
    I went on a bit of a spree the other day. The CDs haven't arrived yet, but I ordered the following:

    Erin Miller - Release
    Godyva - Planetarium
    Jenny Martin - Long To Be and The Green And Freeze Blur
    Molly Marlette - The Allumette - Ep
    Public Symphony - PUBLIC SYMPHONY
    接客 - 忘却と
    Thia Sexton - Ever

    A couple of days later I found that they stock dRea - Read My Lips, too, which features the end credits music from the Xbox 360 game "Dead Rising". I had to have that, so I placed a second order for just that one CD. That's all I've ordered from CDBaby in the past 4 months or so though.

    Fingers crossed they're all good... ;)

  • Got Gregory Douglass's "Pseudo-Rotary."

    Absolutely amazing purchase and worth the 15 bucks. Also got one of his Live EPs, too. :)

    He was no gentleman, but he was O-O-O...
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Oct 2008, 21:51
    I got Pedestrian - Ghostly Life

    • carli55 said...
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    • 12 Nov 2008, 11:04
    I recently got Plunkett's second cd "Folk Songs."
    I downloaded the songs already but I wanted the hard copy with artwork and stuff, you know..
    Anyway, I received it yesterday and can't stop listening to it. Really love it :)

  • Lost011 said:
    I got Pedestrian - Ghostly Life

    Great choice!

    I just ordered Lesli's new album "Sleepwalkers Lament" and "Dear Monsters, Be Patient" by Followed by Ghosts. Can't wait for them to arrive...

  • I just received Gina Young's 3am Voice. It's on sale 1/2 off ($6!) but is out of stock right now. I got lucky. :)

    • Scoda99 said...
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    • 13 Dec 2008, 18:56
    I ordered:

    Scholar & Truebless - The Love Freedom Movement
    Scholarman - Cany Medicine
    And, Soul Movement - Universal

    Next time, I plan to order:

    Day Blues - The Album
    Just Sayin' - Katharsis
    And, Familiars Unseen - Grown & Fresh

  • I ordered...

    Codi Jordan-Vacation. It's amazing and you will love it.

  • I ordered on Monday, Feb, 9th, 2009 from Germany. And today I received the CDs.
    Amadan: Sons of Liberty
    Amadan: Hell-Bent 4 Victory
    Amadan: Pacifica
    The Killigans: One Step Ahead of Hell
    The Larkin Brigade: Paddy Keys For Mayor
    Saint Bushmill's Choir: Give 'Em Enough Booze
    The Skels: Any Port in a Storm

    This was my first order, but I think I'll do it again and again.
    Very high recommended shop!!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Apr 2009, 21:31
    I ordered the following album just the other week:

    'Riverview' by the Brian Patneaude Quartet.

    A lovely disc with Mike Moreno on guitar.

  • "The near demis of the highwire dancer" Antje Duvekot
    "Walking on Broadway" Mark Kano
    "No second guesses" Jenni Alpert
    "Stopped at a green light" Steve Tannen

  • All the Rachel Loy CDs they have :)

  • Sarah Fimm - White Birds and Nexus
    Angie Mattson - Given to Sudden Panic and Noisy Retreat
    Damhnait Doyle - Lights Down Low

    I ordered the first two because I'd previously downloaded the free EP from http://www.whitebirdsep.com/ and absolutely loved it. It's still available there at time of writing this, so if you're in the slightest bit interested I'd recommend you check it out. I'm listening to Nexus while I write this and am enjoying it just as much this 5th time as the first...
    I bought Angie Mattson's album because I'd previously purchased her first release, an EP, when randomly browsing CDBaby and listening to samples, and loved it, especially the opener, Drive, which appears again on this album, albeit remixed.
    I found out about Damhnait Doyle via Shaye, who in turn I found out about through Tara MacLean, who I was introduced to years ago by a friend at school, who found her via recommendations from Amazon based on previous purchases. I've bought all of Shaye's releases to date and then went on to buy those of each of the members. Lights Down Low was the last I needed to complete the collection.

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