Help identifying a Looptroop / Promoe track

  • Help identifying a Looptroop / Promoe track

    I picked up a random Looptroop (or solo Promoe, I'm not certain) track from a different forum, but it is only labelled as 'Track 12' (this may not be the correct track number). I looked through their official site's lyrics and on Google but couldn't seem to find it. I am interested in buying the album this song is on, so if anyone could help me ID it I would be grateful.

    The track has a definite reggae flavor and steccato trumpet hits. I'll list some of the lyrics I could pick out from the beginning, and put (...) in the parts I'm not sure about.

    [Intro - some 'doo do's and 'bum bum's]
    "Til the guitar hits you...fits to hit the got the smarts"

    "In the morning as I rise put on the track suit and exercise"

    "You'll call me big, you'll call me strong / ...the Muslim love / You'll call me big you'll call me strong / [to be?] a vegetarian"

    That should be enough to recognize the track, I hope.

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  • I now witch song it is:

    Promoe - fit you haffi fit, its as you know track 12 on the album they released last year, "The Long Distance Runner".

    Enjoy. Keep listening to music!

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    Quoth PsychoSaurus:
    fit you haffi fit, its as you know track 12 on "The Long Distance Runner".

    Seems pretty obvious now. Thanks very much!

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