God and Buddhism

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    • 27 Oct 2011, 23:24

    God and Buddhism

    I know certainly within the meditation groups I am part of belief in god is a fairly divided issue and one that can cause issue with some atheistic buddhists. I for one do believe in god but in a more pantheistic sense, rather than the god of classical theism. I love the symbology and theology of hinduism and while it does obviously inter-play with early buddhist beliefs ie sarasvati protecting buddhists, I wouldn't say I believe in the hindu gods. But the concept of brahma does accurately reflect certain aspects of my beliefs on god. That's simply my position and I'd be interested to learn from others.

  • I was raised Catholic, so I used to pray to some sort of a God. Sometimes when I'm super upset I still do, even though I don't really believe in him anymore.

  • I personally do not believe in a god, ( though i would not say the concept was inpossible) i look inside of myself and i don't feel there is a God, i can't put that image into my own view of the world, no i dont think there is a god, i think there is me and that is all. Though sometimes i wouldnt mind in having a God to help me out or give me strenth so i understand completly other peoples belief in a deity.

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    • 26 Jun 2013, 15:33
    MY interest in Hinduism stops with Advaita, I am pretty much a Madhyamika thinker, so God and God's existence for me is a) mostly irrelevant and b) unlikely.

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