The Serenity comic

    • razumny said...
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    • 16 Aug 2006, 13:38

    The Serenity comic

    I discovered the Serenity comic in the store the other day.

    Great stuff, and gives a bit of insight into what's happened in between the show and the movie.

    Does anyone know if there'll be published more of it than what has been published already?

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  • I remember hearing that Dark Horse was very impressed with the sales, and Joss said something in an interview about a second set of comics. I imagine more information about it will surface after the new Buffy line wears down (assuming that wasn't just a figment of my imagination.)

    As for the existing Serenity comics, I believe they were republished as a trade paperback not too long ago.

    • dijdij said...
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    • 14 Apr 2007, 23:22
    I thought they we're awesome.

    I've heard rumours that there will be more, but possibly just another mini series. I've also heard rumours that there will be more of Fray.

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  • The expected release date for the new Serenity: Better Days is March 2008... so it's bit of a wait for that one...

    But they have just rerelease (at least in the uk) Those Left Behind, in hardback with a shiny new cover!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Dec 2007, 09:30
    And still the hope is with me, that, one day,
    there will be the second season of Firefly,
    the comics and the movie could just be handled
    as if they never existed.

    Those left behind is great, but I want to see
    it in moving pictures.

    Ahhh, sadness be thy name!! :-)

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