• My Favorites of 2000007

    24 Dec 2007, 06:25 by bittertwisted

    2007, you sucked. But you also provided some great tunes to get me through the Kodak moments, as well as all the other stuff I'm slowly forgetting through the aid of beer.

    Panda Bear - Person Pitch

    First heard Noah Lennox's little side project back in 2004 off a still-unidentified person's iTunes library. Since then, I've had the honor to see him live at the Bowery in NYC and to make sweeeeeet love to "I'm Not" multiple times (highly recommended).

    Bjork - Volta

    I missed out on seeing her performance at the Shoreline in CA this summer, but I was able to pick up the Icelandic electronic queen's latest before moving to Boston for a few months. She continues to be ever-innovative with her choice of collaborators (Timbaland)and styles with "Innocence" being the stand-out track.

    Amon Tobin - Foley Room

    Fans of this Brazilian genius seem a bit divided over the abrupt change in styles, but I personally embrace the endearingly sinister tracks off his latest. The tight arrangements on each track provide the rough yet ironically polished finish of the album. I will never stop kicking myself for missing his show in SF this past may because apparently I need to move to Europe now if I ever want to see him perform!

    Caribou - Andorra

    This was a breath of fresh air in 2007 - each track was handled delicately and it shows. "Melody Day", "Irene" and "She's the One" are perfect. I highly suggest that you go see them live - you will quickly appreciate the amazing drumming abilities of Dan and Co.!

    IAM - Saison 5

    While my interest in French Rap seems to be waning this year, it was impossible to ignore the new album from the Marseilles super group. From the first track to the last, you'll be blown away with bombs of frustration and social strife a la intricate lyrics and head pounding beats. At the end, you just want to flip France the bird, because even in 2007, France still is full of fuckers.

    Modeselektor - Happy Birthday!

    This one is all over the "Best of 2007" charts, which is NO surprise to me. This is one of the best electro-funk albums I've hear in a long time, giving me hope that not everything in this sub-genre will end up sounding like Ladytron. "Let Your Love Grow" is beautiful and should be on every wedding DJ's list.

    M.I.A. - Kala

    While "Galang (Purple Haze)" got really annoying last year, Kala shows that this Sri Lanka beauty has matured in both sound and presentation. Her punky spirit remains but this time her voice does a lot more of the talking (rather than the sound samples). "Paper Planes" is one for the ages.

    Bola - Kroungrine

    Ever since I started listening to Boards of Canada, I've been on the hunt to own Bola's discography. Darrell Fitton has been the inspiration for the Scottish duo and I knew that once I found some of his stuff, I'd most likely love it too (and I was right). "Halyloola" is the shining gem, but the rest of the album will not disappoint you.

    Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye

    Goodbye is quite delightful - you cannot find a weak track on this album. "Stars" is the song that motivated me to finish one of the hardest semesters of my life, just the melody alone can't keep you from feeling energized. "Goodbye" and "Enfield" are also positively beautiful and the latter should be played during a late night drive in the mountains.

    Prefuse 73 - Preparations

    While One Word Extinguisher is the best thing Scott Herren ever did for the world, Preparations is certainly worthy of love too. The entire album could easily be the soundtrack to an overlooked Pam Grier film from the 1970's, with the stunning track "Class of 73 (feat. the School of Seven Bells)" for the end credits. This song also led me to discover Ben Curtis' new project, The School of Seven Bells which will hopefully keep making songs like this (and are currently touring with Prefuse 73).

    Listen to the original track on the myspace page:

    Radiohead - House of Cards (from: In Rainbows)

    While Radiohead's decision to make In Rainbows free online is commendable, I'm glad I didn't pay for what is a good, but not great collection of tracks. I will always love Radiohead regardless of what they do with their music but they haven't made an album quite like OK Computer since - and you know it. "House of Cards" however is a song that will play in your head long after your iPod has run out of battery life.

    The Knife - Silent Shout

    Yeah I know this came out last year, but fuck it, it was one my personal favorites for this year too. There is not one track that won't haunt you, infiltrate your soul and become a part of your every breath. Although after seeing some concert footage, it became readily apparent that the live version of Hearbeats is better than the album version on Deep Cuts.

    I'm sure there are other albums that I've forgotten, or never got around to listening to, but I can't hate too much on 2007 with all this great music!
  • Hedonistic Delights

    14 May 2007, 09:43 by bittertwisted

    I've made a working iTunes playlist of songs inspired by my current playlist and wanted to get suggestions for new/likeminded artists to check out.

    On looking it over, I think I should add some Massive Attack, and before you suggest it, I have every single Stéphane Pompougnac album ever. Those 9 albums alone are the essential prototype for all other "Music to Chill/Fuck To" playlist! But here's the list thus far - looking forward to any replies!


    (and yes I know Celine Dion is on this list, shut up I love that song)

    Onsra - Fennesz: Venice
    Flipher Overture – Esthero: Breath From Another
    Asusu - Fennesz: Venice
    Onsay - Fennesz: Venice
    Saw it on the Radio - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    More Extinction – Grails: Burning Off Impurities
    They Ran - My Morning Jacket: The Tennessee Fire
    Laguna - Fennesz: Venice
    Better Now - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Who Needs Forever? - Astrud Gilberto: Verve Unmixed
    last tango in paris - Gotan Projectla revancha del tango
    Jim the jinn - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Elvis – Alpha: Stargazing
    The Other Face – Fennesz: Venice
    Hartfixer - De-Phazz:Death by Chocolate
    In Space – Röyksopp: Melody A.M
    Maybe San Jose - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space - Spiritualized: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
    Jeunesse Doree - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Speed Dial No. 2 - Zero 7: When It Falls
    Magic Potion - Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Rock My Boat [ft. Mia Doi Todd] - Dntel: Dumb Luck
    Sabbatical - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Anywayz - Esthero: Breath From Another
    Honey's In Love – Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Calma - Mark Doyle: Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled (Disc 2)
    Beautiful - Mark Doyle: Hed Kandi: Winter Chill 06.03 (Disc 1)
    Superheroes – Esthero:Breath From Another
    Come Here Boy - Imogen Heap: I Megaphone
    Im Not - Panda Bear: Person Pitch
    Sirens – Jazzanova: Belle Et Fou
    Got til It's Gone (feat. Q-Tip) - Janet Jackson: The Velvet Rope
    Means to an End – Alpha: Lost In a Garden of Clouds Part One
    Play Dead - Paul Oakenfold: Perfecto Fluoro: Oakenfold [Disc 2]
    Doremifa Girl - Mark Doyle: Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled 3 (Disc 1)
    Weight Of My Words - Kings of Convenience: Quiet Is The New Loud
    Love Remembered - Paul Oakenfold: Perfecto Fluoro: Oakenfold [Disc 2]
    Roy's Choice - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Trash Box - De-Phazz:Death by Chocolate
    una música brutal - Gotan Project: la revancha del tango
    Nu Chic - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Blue Monday - Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Something Special - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Indigo Boy – Esthero: Breath From Another
    Half A World Away – Esthero: Breath From Another
    Country Livin' (The World I Know) – Esthero: Breath From Another
    Kebab Shop 3 AM – Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Pilots – Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain
    época - Gotan project: la revancha del tango
    Roll On - Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X
    One In A Million – Aaliyah: I Care 4 U
    Heaven Sent - Esthero: Breath From Another
    Walking Zero - Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X
    Distortion – Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Jump Over - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Rock The Boat – Aaliyah: Aaliyah
    Embrasse-Moi - Les Nubians: Princesses Nubiennes
    Death by chocolate - De-Phazz: Death by chocolate
    Dead Vine Blues – Grails: Burning Off Impurities
    That Girl – Esthero: Breath From Another
    Rivers of Sand - Fennesz: Venice
    2Wicky – Hooverphonic: A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
    North West - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Breath From Another - Esthero: Breath From Another
    La Dolce Vita - Zazie:Rodéo
    Caprice – Jazzanova: Belle Et Fou
    See Through You – Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Drawn Curtains – Grails: Burning Off Impurities
    Lounge – Esthero: Breath From Another
    The Point of it All – Fennesz: Venice
    chunga's revenge – Gotan Project: la revancha del tango
    Only You – Portishead: Portishead
    Easy Muffin - Amon Tobin: Bricolage
    Miss World – Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    How Do - Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X
    Halfway to Heaven - Celine Dion: Celine Dion
    Ketto – Bonobo: Days to Come
    Parrallel Lines - Kings Of Convenience: Quiet Is The New Loud
    Inhaler - Hooverphonic: A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
    queremos paz - Gotan Project: la revancha del tango
    Your Koolest Smile – Flunk: For Sleepyheads
    Terra Pura – Gabin: Gabin
    On Line - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Sunday People (Don't Bang The Drum) – Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Slowly - Mark Doyle: Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled (Disc 2)
    Indian Rope Trick – Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Someone Like Me – Röyksopp: The Understanding
    Love's Labour's Lost - De-Phazz: Death by Chocolate
    Sparks – Röyksopp: Melody A.M
    Trigger Hippie - Morcheeba: Who Can You Trust?
    I Love Music - Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Destiny - Zero 7: Simple Things
    Horses In My Dreams - PJ Harvey: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
    Fort – Alpha: The Impossible Thrill
    Circassian – Fennesz: Venice
    Burning Up – Alpinestars: White Noise
    Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens: Illinois
    santa maria (del buen ayre) - Gotan Project: La revancha del tango
    Your Place - Zero 7: The Garden
    Spinning - Zero 7: Simple Things
    Syrupsniph – Flunk: For Sleepyheads Only
    Stay With Me Till Dawn (Kumharas Sunset Mix) - Mark Doyle: Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled 3 (Disc 1)
    el capitalismo foráneo - Gotan Project: la revancha del tango
    la del ruso - Gotan Project: la revancha del tango
    Wise – Alpha: The Impossible Thrill
    Shiver Me (ADNY Remix) – ADNY: ADNY Selections '97-2000
    Morning Song - Zero 7: When It Falls
    City of Light – Fennesz: Venice
    The Stone of Impermanence – Fennesz: Venice
    Chateau Rouge – Fennesz: Venice
    Soft Temple – Grails: Burning Off Impurities
    Bumpin' - Wes Montgomery: Verve Jazz Masters 14
    Red Balloon - Mark Doyle: Hed Kandi - Winter Chill 06.03 (Disc 1)
    Moments In Love II (Piano Intro) - Art of Noise: Moments In Love (LP)
    vuelvo al sur- Gotan Project: la revancha del tango
    Music and Wine - Blue Six: Beautiful Tomorrow
    Ghostdancing - The Orb: Cydonia
    Outer Banks – Grails: Burning Off Impurities
    Burning Off Impurities – Grails: Burning Off Impurities
    Origin-ing – Grails: Burning Off Impurities
    Silk Rd – Grails: Burning Off Impurities
    The Way You Dream (Featuring Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosle) - 1 Giant Leap: 1 Giant Leap
    triptico - Gotan project: la revancha del tango
    Requiem for a Fox - Polmo Polpo: Like Hearts Swelling
    Swallow Me – Esthero: Breath From Another