I saw Brother Henry live for the first time at Eddie's Attic on Saturday. Eddie's is a slightly strange bar with a small stage way at one end. We were pretty far back and could see just fine and the sound is good. A band called Arlington Priest opened for them. This band had a guitar, stand up bass and a lead singer woman who was silly, but could really, really sing. Randomly, a guy who is trying out to be Kermit the Frog occasionly joined them on Banjo. They were pretty good except too many of their songs sounded the same, until Ned and David joined in on violin and cello and then they were awesome. Kermit was there too :). I gave them a hard time about Kermit, but I would have bought their Cd, if I had any cash.

    Brother Henry came on wearing slightly silly jackets and with a lot of energy. They kind of looked like an 80s rock band and not country at all. They did Fly If You Want To and Two Old Friends, before breaking into new songs. Soon every song had them jamming. On stage it is really all about David visually, with him doing something smart and fun on every song. He uses his cello bow like a pointer and really gets the crowd going with some of the most random stuff I have seen in a while. Dancing and playing the cello at the same time is too much. Ned is the star of the jamming, laying down rif anfter rif. It is kind of like he leaves David and responsibility for the melody and just makes delightful noodling on the side. They don't seem full of themselves at all, just like this is what they like to do. On one song David sings into the Mandolin to make it spooky. The new songs were awesome but some of them may have been from earlier CDs, that I haven't heard yet. The bass player sings one sounding like an old country singer about how hard life is with Ned and David singing sweetly "Life is beautiful" behind it. It is pretty awesome. There was another one where they had a really dark sound and then broke the harmony through it. There was one about the raging tide which was awesome and David's song about love survives was maybe my favorite off all of them. Just before we left to beat curfew, they were doing a Beatles cover, "Getting better" and I can't imagine The Beatles doing it better.

    So all in all it was totally great! I wish they had done Chasing Happiness, or that I coould have heard the encore, but wow! they are even better live.

  • Eddie's is a great place. I would love to hear the new stuff!

    • hfranch said...
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    • 12 Jul 2006, 22:34
    That was a great show! The bros were really on. Probably the best I have ever heard them. Where were you sitting? With the guys yelling Oye? I was up in front (right in front of David, middle-aged guy with a beard).

    The new songs were really good. I like Jeff's new song too and the Neil Young-like vocals. Park's new song (third one in the set) is really good too. David was really on with his songs and I liked his new one too. Yes, for me Ned's guitar work really makes the live shows. I think I would go for that alone.

    I have seen "Kermit" at Puppetry Arts with a 16 foot puppet. He is as good with puppets as he is with a Banjo!

  • You guys rock

    Thanks for the kind words. It was a fun show.

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