New albums coming up you are waiting for

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    • 25 Aug 2008, 22:44

    New albums coming up you are waiting for

    For now, I'm just waiting for Starsailor's album to be released, it's been recorded for a couple of months now, but EMI haven't released it yet.

    Also the new albums of Placebo and Depeche Mode, of course.

  • I am waiting for the new Cure album. Though most of the singles sound like "crap" I think there's still going to be some old school Cure on it. At least I really really hope so... :/

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  • Kasabian. I can't wait!!!

    You've got a head full of feathers
    You're gonna melt into butter
  • Editors - In This Light and On This Evening >.< I'm gonna die til 12th of October *-*

    "Damn the summer flowers..."
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