• *Department of Free Sounds now open*

    27 Jun 2006, 03:51 by moonlitkitty

    I'd be happy to hear any suggestions as to what to call it. I was thinking something like 'Free Indie Music Downloads' and then having the description mention indie/c86/indiepop/twee/experimental.

    I really want to avoid attracting the Saddle Creek crowd or Pitchfork know what I mean, that really newfangles over-American definition of indie. is great when you find your niche, but scary when you step into an emo or 'O.C. indie' area.

    I was hoping that quite a few friends and neighbours of mine would join and that between that and the description and a few starting artist connections, the tone would be set to attract a similar-minded crowd. And maybe member approval by other members too.

    So if anyone reading has some suggestions for initial connections, for the group name, and for the description, let's hear them. (Or is there already such a group? I couldn't find one).

    Especially the description, I don't want it all necessarily weighted toward C86 bands although I guess artist and label connections will give people an idea of being broader.

    Oh, and I'm talking about legal downloads, on bands' websites, or archived with permission on other sites etc.
  • Strangers Dance Next To Me

    9 Jan 2006, 06:32 by ManOSand

    Another new mix:

    The Strangers Dance Next To Me.

    Some observations:

    Shave is the only Enon song I've heard that I really like. But god I do like it.

    I finally got around to ordering some more Dressy Bessy albums while making this mix.

    Without even trying to be Australian-centric I managed to include 10 songs by Aussies. Which makes me happy.