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Created on: 17 Jul 2008
Object to's re-design and functionality, and want the old ones back, at least as an option? Join us and make your opinion heard!

Our protests, voiced here and on support forums, have mattered, and will continue to matter when we stick together and make our concerns and requests strongly heard.

10 June founders quit
24 March charges for radio

Find the feel of old here: |

Things we demanded and brought back: paint it black; reply tracker; neighbors; country pages (e.g.); direct inbox link; top 50 artists/songs; paste your taste; gif support (hopefully there will be more..)
Things we would like to have back: compact shoutbox on top/right; weekly chart on profile page; weekly neighbours; what neighbors are listening to (in other words, bring back the OLD SWEET DASHBOARD, or a reincarnation of sorts!); album collage on now listening (or other neater, more aesthetic options); tag clouds on artist pages; options to modify/hide/remove library/recent activity/flash player/etc; better flash player (like..the old one) and less unnecessary page redirects; better recommendation (instead of the very suspiciously mainstream-ish or generic stuff pushed to us now); forum search; old favicon and logo; color schemes that don't burn the retinas off everybody; inviting friends to; recommendations from friends' page and groups page; accurate taste-o-meter and neighbourhood...
And then there are features that even the old did not have and are much needed and/or long overdue: merge/distinguish between artists under same names (update: the new auto-correction function seems to be answering this, though not perfect); correct scrobble count; better connection speed for flash player and radio; better moderation/report abuse system;...
Historical shots of over the years | more
Vote: New or Old Preferred poll
Feedback: other large feedback posts | ways to say you want the old design back
Facelift Tutorials: make it less shitty with FF/greasemonkey/etc | show weekly charts on profile page | and a compilation of all other themes, etc
Articles: buggy new design | CBS boasts smart ads, and reasons behind it all

- last updated by greenwatch, 29 July 2009.

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  • Samson-91

    Went to beta page. When I saw it, I was like NOPE! Sticking to this one.

    25 Jul 10:51am Reply
  • SillyMusicLover

    I guess we must forget about the old and fight for the existing before these "improvers" improved it to death

    18 Jul 11:45pm Reply
  • WishingAngel

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [13] fuc* new beta version!

    9 Jul 2:42am Reply
  • pauldove

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [12]

    8 Jul 12:35pm Reply
  • -Miles- Maybe they need more and more people saying what they think about new beta I don't think it's gonna help but what we have to loose?

    4 Jul 2:45pm Reply
  • -Miles-

    Then they should work on proper mobile version like FB for android and stop messing up with this beta crap :(

    4 Jul 2:43pm Reply
  • SillyMusicLover

    the beta site definitely looks better on my smartphone, but fuck, if I want to access the site from mobile, I can either use the mobile version or the android app.

    19 Jun 8:45pm Reply
  • SillyMusicLover

    I assume they do it to optimize the site for mobile devices.

    19 Jun 8:37pm Reply
  • bluegrassishhh

    The beta looks absolute shit, and I typically adjust just fine to major changes in the sites I use... But I can't even tell what they're going for with this. It's like semi-minimalism for people with poor eyesight/taste. It's so ugly I honestly feel like I could have made it in MS Paint like 10 years ago.

    15 Jun 11:44pm Reply
  • -Miles-

    Looks like they have special unit working exclusively on killing :P

    8 Jun 9:25pm Reply
  • Jednororzec333

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [11]

    5 Jun 3:04pm Reply
  • Shafter92

    So it is happening again.

    5 Jun 1:12pm Reply
  • comewithknives

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [10]

    4 Jun 6:27pm Reply
  • odopa

    The new beta thing is real garbage.

    3 Jun 9:10pm Reply
  • dolor3s_

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [9] ... AGAIN

    3 Jun 11:14am Reply
  • ola0483

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [8]

    2 Jun 7:15am Reply
  • heliobalione

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [7] As much as I'm used to the current version now, it would be way easier to get used to the older version again, rather than the new beta.

    31 May 6:36pm Reply
  • vip-anonymous

    I was here in the first change.

    28 May 11:45pm Reply
  • MusicOfSoul

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [6]

    28 May 8:15pm Reply
  • deratyne

    I looked at the new beta and it drove me to join this group [5]. I actually rejoined. Gosh, what has happened to the Internet? it used to be about being unique. Now it's all similar everywhere.

    28 May 8:39am Reply
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