• Two Clutter remix releases

    21 Feb 2012, 16:53 by earthmp

    There are two new Clutter releases to listen to - both are made of remixes.

    First we have Flowers In The Attic

    and also May Maybe April

    for more deatils and to buy these and other Clutter releases visit
  • Deep Clutter - Slices (Vocal & Electronic improv)

    4 Aug 2011, 11:12 by earthmp

    Slices is the debut release from improv duo of Steve Lewis (voice) & Shaun Blezard aka Clutter (electronics) who work under the alias Deep Clutter.

    Slices was improvised and recorded in one session in Lancaster in 2010.

    Tracks 1-5 used the story Thinking in Slices by Lancaster writer Mollie Baxter as a starting point and working on the Deep Clutter idea of 'instant remixes' - using writer's work as a base for an improvisation, trying to find the essence of a piece and to allow a new narrative to form spontaneously.

    Deep Clutter have now brought instant remixes to literary festivals and poetry events and are always looking for new places to work.

    Availalable to buy as CDr or digital download from Bandcamp
  • Looking for remixers for Cumbria Remixed project

    14 Feb 2011, 22:39 by earthmp

    Hope you don't mind telling you about a project I'm doing at the moment and am looking for remixes - more info here and about the remix pack.....

    I have uploaded the first Cumbria Remixed Sample Pack to The Internet Archive ready for Creative Commons style remix fun. The first pack is made up of soun...ds I recorded at Lanternhouse Ulverston for my early experiments in installation work. Get the pack and find out more about the project here
  • On Hapenny Bridge remastered and reissued on Clutter Muisc

    3 Dec 2010, 21:09 by earthmp

    The Clutter album On Hapenny Bridge is now available to buy as a CDr or digital download via Clutter Music - it has been remastered and comes with a new cover and a bonus unreleased track.

    Another album of twisted ambient melodies, field recordings and electro-acoustic compositions pulled together in Clutter's idiosyncratic trademark style. A journey from death, loss and grief to acceptance, love and joy - dedicated to Hazel and Janice.

    'Clambering around on Ha'Penny Bridge, cluttering around creating groovy clanging rhythms until night falls and the bridge starts to glow with blurred reflected night lights. Slowly mysterious shapes start to appear in the river as the early hours of morning arrive - as daylight approaches fear and the unknown retreat leaving space for calm droplets of dew to flicker from the frame of the bridge into the river and another day begins.

    An interpretation of the title track - and that is the beauty of this new release from Clutter - every track, as it relays into the next, enables the listener to imagine their own scenario.
    In 'After the smog has cleared' a slowed down toy box tune mournfully marches through an English village swamp towards a church bell beckoning it on. The tension builds almost unbearably as the tune gets lost in the haze and weight of it's own terrible memories of war.

    During the opener 'Every silver lining has a cloud' a submarine is visited by an ice cream van during a rain storm, conversations are half heard at the beach and seagulls loop around while motorbike engines are deconstructed.

    This album feels like a long lost dream interspersed with half remembered timeless memories. You don't just listen, you become immersed and enriched.

    Oh the joy, and terror of an everlasting summer holiday!' - Review of On Ha'Penny Bridge on The Internet Archive
  • Anodyne Hi-Fi remastered and reissued

    11 Nov 2010, 22:34 by earthmp

    The Clutter remastering programme carries on with a re-issued, remastered version of Anodyne Hi-Fi (Remastered). With brand new sleeve design and a bonus track as well as being avaiable on CDr and in Hi-Fi download for the first time.

    It is available at Bandcamp for £4 for the CDr version (which comes in hand assembled cover printed on photo paper & free digital version) or £3 for the digital version.

    Tracks 1-9 were on the original release of Anodyne Hi-Fi and are remastered for this version

    Track 10 is a demo from working files for the album.

    ‘This album works brilliantly as a complete piece. Its rare to get a full album that blends so well from the outset through to the conclusion. The dub elements and fat relaxed beats punctuate a richly textured bed of sound. And what a comfy bed it is! Clutter's trademark blend of found sound, obtuse vocal samples and strange/beautiful electronics guide you through the entire album, I challenge you to start listening to anodyne Hi fi and not see it through to the very end! Great Stuff. ‘ - Anodyne Hi-Fi review on EARLabs

    Also available to buy from the Clutter Bandcamp store:
    Yellow Light Discarded
    The Resting Bench (Remastered)
    Shopping In A Shipyard Town (Remastered)
    Vague Recollections On Lost Highway (Remastered)
    Clutter music is also available at itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all good digital distributors, if you prefer these outlets.

    For more information about releases and other Clutter activity visit Clutter Music - The Home of Clutter
  • More Summer Fun

    21 Aug 2010, 15:04 by Jon Miller

    Wow... an all new Brierly Hill 90210 podcast two months in a row. What will the neighbors think? For the heady, sweaty days of summer, the new show features heatstroke-inducing wonderment from the likes of Codex Machine, Judith Priest, The Fall, Beatwife, Ars Dada, Lactation Sandwich, YobKiss, Microphyst, Duran Duran Duran and many more besides. Enjoy and don’t forget the suntan.

    You can find the new show on iTunes (just search for "Brierly Hill 90210" in the music store) or in the Podcast section at
  • The Best Artists on Brierly Hill 90210... Ever!

    14 Jul 2010, 01:14 by Jon Miller

    During the hiatus, very nice listener Mr. Dave Clifford, heard my griping that I was too lazy to go back through all my play lists and work out which artists have featured on the Brierly Hill 90210 podcast most times. So he did it himself. Nice one, Dave. Here are the results...
    Ghouqueu - 32
    Chris Moss Acid - 27
    The Fall - 18
    Shitmat - 18
    Venetian Snares - 16
    Asobi Seksu - 15
    Dead Satellite - 15
    Geese - 14
    Happy Band of Japan - 13
    Listen With Sarah - 13
    Xihilisk - 13
    Weakling & King - 13
    Test Icicles - 12
    Steveless - 11
    Cuban Boys - 11
    Herbsquare - 11
    Vernon Lenoir - 11
    Nouvelle Vague - 10
    Man in Formaldehyde - 10
    The Chapman Family - 10
  • About bloody time to

    14 Jul 2010, 01:07 by Jon Miller

    Finally a new Brierly Hill 90210 podcast. You don't know what you'll miss 'til it's gone... or some such pap. Anyway, a fine bit of class on the grass with cuttings from Glom Da!, usedtobecool, Steveless & Syd Howells, Ladyscraper, Lux, Dead Mellotron and many more to boot. You can find it on iTunes (just search for Brierly Hill 90210 in the music store) or in the podcast section at (ignore the yellow+black police tape on the front page).
  • Sound Donors wanted for new Clutter project

    11 Jul 2010, 14:06 by earthmp

    Clutter is starting a new album and had an idea that he thought might be fun. What he would like is for people to donate pieces of sound for him to create an album with.

    This may be a small instrumental piece, a field recording, some vocal stuff, anything as long as there is no copyright infringement involved and you are happy to donate the recording to the project. Clutter will release the album in some form and any monies earned will go back into Clutter releases but you will get credited in any publicity and on the CD.

    If this sounds fun and you would like to send a sound donation please email it to with the subject 'sound donation'

    A blog to reflect on the Clutter project Clutter Soundonation blog
  • New Clutter release

    2 Jul 2010, 10:35 by earthmp

    Clutter has a new release - an EP called Yellow Light Discarded.

    Yellow Light Discarded is the new EP by Clutter - released on 14th June 2010. All tracks were improvised using laptop, iPhone, Nintendo DS and effects then edited and mixed to add the finishing touches.

    To buy direct: 3” CDr version £2.50 + shipping with free download version - Download version £1.50 from Clutter @ Bandcamp

    Yellow Light discarded is also available as a digital download from a number of stockists including amazon. Itunes, 7 digital etc

    Also available are remastered versions of old Clutter albums - The Resting Bench - shopping in a shipyard town & Vague Recollections On Lost Highway

    Visit Clutter Music for more information about Clutter and related projects