What's your least favourite song by Placebo and why?

  • What's your least favourite song by Placebo and why?

    I got this idea of creating a new thread when I was reading answers to "Whats your favourite song". This question is much easier, don't you think?

    Ok, let me start, as I said before, my least favourite song by Placebo is Evil dildo. Although I like their instumental songs, this one is somehow strange and too long in addition.

    Don't give up on a dream, don't give up on a wanting or anything that's true!
  • woah, hard question!

    I think it'll have to be.. Leeloo
    because of the same reasons as you don't really
    like Evil Dildo, i like the instrumental songs
    but that one really just kinda creeps me out.

  • pure morning. and slave to the wage... i am as obsessed as they come when placebo are involved, lol.. but i just HATE those two songs... pure morning is utter nonsense and annoys the piss out of me with the bass line and same with STTW- it just annoys me. i much prefer songs like Ask For Answers, Lady of the Flowers etc.
    i on the other hand, love all of their instrumentals... especially evil dildo, i think some of them speak more than Brians words actually.

    • Hydra said...
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    • 21 Sep 2007, 12:20
    yeah, pure morning annoys me too, definately their worst single IMHO, but at the same time it gained placebo many new listeners due to it's popularity. I love the slower songs too, Leni, Lady of the Flowers and I Know being my faves. Lady of the flowers live at Brixton academy in 1998 was awesome. (The same gig featured in the Every Me Every You video).

  • woah, how can you dislike pure morning?! o_O

  • Oh my, those songs are great! The only reason why someone can dislike them is the fact they are simply played way too often. "I know" is a masterpiece by the way, not many artists have described the feeling of loneliness and of being addicted to someone. Especially the lines "I know, I'm all wrapped up in sweet attrition" aw....

    Don't give up on a dream, don't give up on a wanting or anything that's true!
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Nov 2007, 16:11
    If I'd have to decide - I think it's "Ask for answers" - just because melody & rhythm are kinda drowsy..

  • Nobody likes Meds? Whatever, it's my fav song. It's just perfect. Totally. And.. maybe, Protect me from what I want. It's not perfect, but it's amazing. And something different.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Nov 2007, 14:14
    your least fav songs means, the ones you don't like :)
    I love Meds :)

  • My oh my.
    I'm sorry. It's usual for me to say my fav songs and don't read the subject. ;DD I see i can edit my post, but then your post will be stupid ;DDD So, i'm kind.

    Least, least.. Maybe: Broken promise, [slightly] I do and If only tonight we could sleep. It's really hard question.

    [I read a few posts. 'yeah, pure morning annoys me too'. Strange. Really strange.

  • hei

    i looooooove withaut you i'm nothing..
    and i don't think that it needs some explane..
    : )
    and u dont cear about us..
    and 20 years ago
    and one of a kind
    and cold night of morning
    he's so god....

    where is my underwear
  • o,

    i'm sorry.. i didn't read it to....
    : (

    where is my underwear
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Nov 2007, 13:05
    I thought of fav songs, too :D happens!

  • (Hi :) new member eheh)
    I don't appreciate very much Follow The Cops Back Home, I think it's kinda boring (Have you seen the video? omg =_=) and it doesn't suit very much in a "gig-situation", in my opinion.
    Leeloo creeps me out.
    I can't stand Broken Promise... well, I can't stand Stipe's voice in Broken Promise. And I love R.E.M. That's strange, I know XD

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Nov 2007, 18:34
    yeah, it is! xD well, I can't find any things in common between Stipe's voice in Broken Promise and his voice in R.E.M. songs - it's kinda strange Oo

  • mmm, i think 'song to say goodbye'
    its kinda obtrusive

    die! die! die!
  • Omg! How can you not like Broken promise? It's so immensely great! It's like...dramatic and very powerful. IMHO this song expresses brilliantly how one feels when being left and betrayed. And Stipe's voice is so deathly calm, like you're waiting what happens next because there's always calm before a storm. Really hairrising I'd say. And the fact that Brian chose a male singer for this duet makes it so exciting cause it may also be that this song was not dedicated to a woman but to a man. Such sophisticated song...

    Don't give up on a dream, don't give up on a wanting or anything that's true!
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Nov 2007, 20:29
    opinions are like assholes :D

  • Haha, yes, exactly

    Don't give up on a dream, don't give up on a wanting or anything that's true!
  • Least Fave Placebo Song

    My least favourite song is Something Rotten - I think it has too much sound effects on it and is little too doomy.

    • cat_ksu said...
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    • 23 Dec 2007, 23:23
    hmm...in fifferent period of my life i like dofferent songs of Placebo, so now i like Protect me from what i want and Special K very much

  • OMG, I thought when the title of this discussion was written in bold, everyone would understand that it is about your LEAST, L-E-A-S-T- favourite song, but apparently not. Lol. :o)

    Don't give up on a dream, don't give up on a wanting or anything that's true!
  • We are people and we 'like' to mistake. a lot.

    Oh my, i don't like Placebo's songs from b-sides etc. it's just, not really Placebo's. strange.

    [Soffie, i really wouldn't pay money for those songs ;D nono. ]

  • I dont know the b-sides much but some of them are gorgeous, like Lazarus from Meds b-side. Some old b-sides are strange though, you're right

    Don't give up on a dream, don't give up on a wanting or anything that's true!
  • i'm gonna be honest. i don't like spite and malice. :-/ it scares me to death and there's not much explanation to it. sigh.

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