Which song do you prefer when it comes to Brann's drumming?

  • Which song do you prefer when it comes to Brann's drumming?

    Megalodon, Caparillian Crest, and March of the Fire Ants are all wonderful examples of how freaken awesome he is.

    Anyone else?

    • solry said...
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    • 5 Jun 2009, 04:02
    Well most of Mastodon's songs show how awesome Brann Dailor is. My favorite one is probably The Wolf is Loose. That is just pure drumming awesomeness from start to finish \m/

    • OmegaII said...
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    • 6 Jun 2009, 00:06
    Capillarian Crest is quite the showcase of talent. Crystal Skull, The Wolf is Loose, Megalodon, The Czar, The Last Baron are all great listens. His drumming is exceptional in every single song, in my opinion.

  • Hearts alive is my favorite since its just a 13min epic of raw awesomeness

  • Right now, my favorite is Mother Puncher. I never REALLY appriciated how awesome his drumming is in that song.

    And that song itself is awesome.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 18 Jun 2009, 02:06
    All of Mastodon's songs have excellent drumming, if I had to pick one now I'd choose The Wolf Is Loose.

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  • My favorite is The Ghost Of Karelia. His playing on cymbals is great.

  • You gotta love songs like Blood and Thunder, The Wolf is loose. Personally I prefer songs like Colony of Birchmen, The Czar, Quintessence and Circle Of Cysquatch.

    I find your lack of win disturbing, may the phail be with you.
  • My favourite is Blood and Thunder and The Wolf is losse. And all new album.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Aug 2009, 15:59
    The Ghost Of Karelia,Blood and Thunder,The Wolf is Loose

  • blood and thunder, oblivion

    • sco703 said...
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    • 9 Aug 2009, 07:53
    Mother Puncher. When I watched a live performance of it on youtube and saw how awesome it was, thats what got me hooked on the song. His drumming is sick all of the time anyways.

  • Hearts Alive

  • Fire Ants. Hearts Alive, Mother Puncher

  • The Wolf Is Loose, Crystal Skull, and Quintessence

  • Wolf is Loose, Blood and Thunder and Oblivion

    • olge said...
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    • 17 Sep 2009, 22:06
    all of 'em. but some of my favorites are workhorse, ol'e nessie, oblivion, iron tusk, wolf is loose, blood and thunder, colony of birchmen.... could keep going on and on...

  • Hearts Alive, wel bit obvious ofcourse

  • Got to vote for "Blood & Thunder". The fills on the chorus display steller chops and the way Bran leaves & returns to the backbeat is poetry. It's like Carl Palmer or Neil Peart sat in with the Burton-era Metallica!

    • aengus_ said...
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    • 8 Nov 2009, 02:18
    Crystal skull is great.

  • The Wolf Is Loose, Hand Of Stone, The Last Baron.

    TWOL = give in.
    The other two are normally forgot about when it comes to drums (and HOS is normally completely left out) but they are both insane

  • Mother Puncher...and fucking IRON TUSK

    • Bywi said...
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    • 21 Feb 2010, 12:38
    Crystal Skull, Megalodon, Aqua Dementia, The Czar... I can't choose one. I love his style, especially the way he uses snare. BTW he has also nice voice in oblivion, it sucks live but it's obvious he can't be both kicking ass drummer and vocalist at the same time.

  • Caparillian Crest,The Wolf Is Loose,Ghost Of Karelia.

  • Circle of Cysquatch, Hand Of Stone, Blood and Thunder

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