where are you from?

  • TN, USA

  • Zagreb, Croatia

    We all fall down
    Like toy soldiers
  • Bielsko-Biała, Poland :)

  • Sydney, Australia :o)

  • Chandler, PQ, Canada

    I'm fucking in the alley ways, you know my style so come on, let's ride it you do it well!
  • eh belguim :)
    (flemish part not french)

  • California, USA

  • Alaska, USA <3

  • Near Stuttgart, southwest Germany.

  • Chicago

    I purchase all of my cd's. They are all listed, so please go look and comment in the journal entry on my page. Stay metal!
  • Southern California.



    Freelance Photographer // Social Media Influencer // Blogger // Creative
  • Upstate, NY

    A smile can brighten the darkest day.

    Laughter is timeless
    Imagination has no age
    Dreams are forever.
  • 45°54'29.87'' N 16°03'18.30'' E

    We all fall down
    Like toy soldiers
  • Memphis, TN

    Memphis, TN/TCB⚡
  • Middle of nowhere Maine.

  • Rijeka, Croatia

  • Tallinn, Estonia

    • mely_kc said...
    • User
    • 4 Jun 2014, 21:24
    Bucharest, Romania

    It's a fusion of 'jazz' and 'funk'.. It's called 'junk'!
  • Maryland

    "Please forgive my ever confusing lack of sanity."
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