the 1990's - your musical childhood

    • biskui said...
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    • 14 Jan 2007, 17:23
    My dad used to listen to mainly rap, and some grunge rock, so that's what I got to listen too most.
    My personnal music revelation were The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in 1999.

    • IseultZ said...
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    • 15 Jan 2007, 23:41
    hmmm ... Spice girls? :D lol and Backstreet boys? ahahah so ashamed now xD and of course some disco hits, but can't remember their names right now :)

    Did I need to sell my soul
    For pleasure like this
    Did I have to lose control
    To treasure your kiss
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 18 Jan 2007, 20:45

    that was the singer i used to adore when i was 5-6 years old :D I hate myself! Now when I see her on TV I immediately change the channel.She's got a disgusting voice.I can't really see why I liked her..Fuck it,it's childhood!

  • music was terrible back then, i didnt really like any of it. i am glad that propper music (you know actually written and played by a band and not made on a computer/ written by some 70 year old)

    late 90s blink-182 were immerging (sp?) so prob them

    Rhythm, Melody, Lyrics.
  • Oh well, do you really want to know what I had listened to back then? XD Well, here it is (and obviously a lot of people share this music taste from back then with me *hahaha*):

    Backstreet Boys
    Spice Girls
    Aaron Carter
    Blümchen (an embarrassing female German pop singer *haha*)

    I still have some of these cd's but I've also sold some of them *lol*... I also had these "Bravo Hits" compilations but they had an positive effect on me: Once there was a song by Papa Roach at one of these compilations (okay, it was in 2001, I think - no 90ies anymore) and I loved it and I still listen to them today so they kinda brought me to some heavier stuff *hahahah* But before that, in the very late 90ies, I also went through a hip-hop phase where I listened to Eminem, Jay-Z and stuff ;)

  • From Portugal...

    Silence Four
    Ornatos Violeta
    Xutos e Pontapes


    Pearl Jam
    so many...

    Já me vim já te vieste já não há conversa que preste!
  • backstreet boys
    smokie ,savage garden ,aqua

  • Oh my god....I used to love Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Spice Girls, Five and aqua. Oh God. Ewwwwwww. I still like Savage Garden though

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Jan 2007, 10:24
    I was never into boybands, then again, I adored Spice Girls. And I also loved Aqua. :D

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Jan 2007, 23:03
    I loved Oasis, Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, Red hot chili peppers, The Cardigans, Kent, Radiohead, Green Day etc.

    My first idols were like Oasis, Red hot and Kent.

    So as I see it I had good taste in the 1990s too, except for the fact that I kind of adored Spice girls and ABBA...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Jan 2007, 23:15
    hahaha.... Hanson

    mmmmmmmmmm bop!!

  • i grew up on the beatles, greenday, nirvana, pearl jam, i didnt hear pop music until fourth grade and i remember being confused because the radio stations i listened to didnt play the spice girls so i couldnt figure out how all my friends knew about them

    Jungle feva
    • trzazaj said...
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    • 1 Feb 2007, 12:19
    metal, mainly doom and black... i'm ashamed of myself...

  • i grew up listening to the rolling stones, ac/dc, the beatles and pretty much anything that was playing on top of the pops or something like that.

    school disco music was always good back then i remember; standing next to the speaker when firestarter was playing.....

    ohh how i miss those days :(

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Feb 2007, 04:44
    Obviously Spice Girls.
    Hated the Back Street Boys..
    Gypsy kings, A LOT of DJ Food, Coldcut and mostly stuff I could find from Ninja Tunes, video game music..

    Oh and Prozac.
    God why did I ever stop listening to Prozac..

  • Classical music and oldies my parents listened to.
    I still like them. :P

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Feb 2007, 08:04


    i listened to alot of my parent's records, disney soundtracks (oh hey pocahontas and the lion king!), and lionel richie; i didn't get into new/mainstream music until like, grade five.

    i did like the presidents of the united states of america, spice girls, weezer, green day, mandy moore savage garden and aqua though.

    i am totally embarrassed that i own jessica simpson's first cd though... that and a backstreet boys tape.

  • i listened to a lot of Randy Travis and other country stuff, but BSB was my first "favorite band"

  • Listened to mostly disco from my dad's records. And there was the pop period which everyone i know had been into...

    Death is Left-Handed
  • uh!

    Well, I started with german pop-rock: Joachim Reichelt...(thanks to daddy)

    then I came across Scorpions - my first "favorite band"

    with five years i visited my first Rock-concert: It was "Torfrock"... I believe that is the reason for my music taste.

    When I was sent to school, I listened to all the pop stuff like BSB... thanks to my so called "friends"

  • I remember for my 6th birthday I became a walkman and a tape of Falco from my dad. I could sing along all his songs, even I didn't really understand the meaning of his lyrics. I still listen to Falco. He's great.

    My first CD was the Backstreet Boys album. I loved their music and I was a fan for quite long (96 - 01)
    And the first concert I visited were BSB as well (summer 99)

    Love, Peace & Bananas
    • celcy said...
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    • 10 Mar 2007, 23:35
    britney spears
    backstreet boys
    spice girls

    so embarrassing..

  • My dad played of a lot of classic rock when I was youner (ie. Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams (early stuff), Guns n Roses, Led Zepplin) I kind of grew up to that.

    But then again I bought my first CD's aged 6 ('Green Day - Kerplunk' & 'Rancid - And Out Come the Wolves...')

    never really went through a pop orrap phase - although I try and forget my nu-metal and pop-punk years to some ddegree.

  • I listened to Captain Jack and 2 Unlimited, very popular in the Netherlands. I also remember listening to 16 horsepower when I was in Scotland. And the first time I heard Radiohead was Kid A, my dad listened to it (driving in a car).

  • reeto...

    well my mum and my (half, 14 years older than me)sister have ace music taste, mostly, and they influenced me and my sister The Kinks, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles and Queen mixed with The Cure, Stone Roses, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bon Jovi, Guns 'n' Roses...that sort of thing had a massive impact, particularly The Cure and The Kinks...the two best single bands of all time, The Cure from my (half)sister's bedroom and The Kinks when my mum was busy about the house...

    but me and my sister got into cheesy pop started off quite well, listening to the radio all the time...Michael Jackson primarily, and various bits of musical goodness...
    all the britpop bands, Blur, Pulp and particularly Oasis (Don't Look Back in anger, singing along in my friend's mum's car)...

    chart hits from lesser known bands (from my childhood perspective) like The Bluetones (Slight Return :D), The Manics (A Design For Life, love that song), even Bjork...and Dave Pearce's dance anthems, dance music was an early fascination of mine...Josh Wink, Robert Miles, NTrance, etc...and The Prodigy...Firestarter...:D

    course, it wasn't all good...Simply Red, Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler, all that AOR kind of thing...and then came the boybands/girlbands/smash hits fodder...Take That (although I still love Never Forget), Let Loose (Crazy = Tune), Spice Girls, 5ive (legends)...

    then my (normal)sister started secondary school and started listening to Greenday, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo...and yeah, nu metal, I remember the first I heard Slipknot, blew my mind...

    ahem! had to go in depth there, just the way I am with these things...

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