Favourite rare Boards of Canada track?

  • also i'd have to say that Buckie High is my favorite song, ever. by any musician

    riot going on.
  • does D C (Bit) (Boards Of Canada Remix) qualify?

    It sounds the biz!

    Living almost in a dreamlike state.....
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Mar 2009, 08:42
    Their remix of cLOUDDEAD's "Dead Dogs Two", Orange Romeda, Trails, Spectrum and their remix of "Midas Touch" by Midnight Star. :D

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Mar 2009, 23:23
    Live @ Warp10:
    Focus in Me / The Wise Monkey (Track 7)
    louS yM hO droL eht sselB / Bless the Lord Oh My Soul (Track 6)

  • 5.9.78

    Trust Me, I'm a Stomach
  • There's a live 11 minute track they did that I'm unsure of the name, but I can listen to it over and over and never get tired of it.

  • Beck - Broken Drum (Boards of Canada remix)

    Incredible track.

  • The last track on that live set they did at the Incredible Warp Lighthouse Party at Trinity Buoy Wharf.

  • Staircase Whip, David Came to Mahana'im, or M9... I can't decide which.

    • noob88 said...
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    • 3 Aug 2009, 20:44
    Dayvan Cowboy

  • Music Is Math, Constants Are Changing and Satellite Anthem Icarus; each song of BoC is extraordinary...

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    • Synius said...
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    • 23 Sep 2009, 23:14
    Hiscores (no space) :D
    Skimming Stones
    On A Rolling Sea (although I have the same song with different names so I don't know if this is the original :X )
    Staircase Whip

  • 5.9.78 (I really wonder if this is actually by them, one day I hope to find out, it's beautiful none the less)
    Beck - Broken Drum (Remix by Boards Of Canada) <--- @___@ Perfect

    I don't know about the rest.. I only downloaded after I heard 5.9.78 on youtube 3 days ago ): Please release all the good back catalogue stuff Marcus and Michael <3

    umm wat
  • kiteracer 2, 5-9-78, Dave (I'm a real traditionalist), Hiscores, Macquarie Ridge, Nova Scotia Robots, Rodox Video, and Northern Plastics.

    • Gltch said...
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    • 18 Nov 2009, 23:40
    - Statue of Liberty
    - Nova Scotia Robots
    - M9, Buckie High
    - 5.9.78
    - Echus
    - Trapped
    -Orange Hexagon Sun

    fuel for black quartz
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Dec 2009, 19:11
    My favourites are Pete Standing Alone and Chromakey Dreamcoat.

  • Am with DDRmaster117 and McSwitch - the (last/7th) 11 minute track in the Warp 10th Anniversary album. Video here:


    Am so huge a fan of this track, hence my attempt at a visual interpretation (work-in-progress) of the same here: Bombay by Night on Vimeo

  • nibus said:
    Kiteracer 2, hands down

    kite racer 2? what album is that from?

    but 2 kinda rare ones that i liked are: ( the Youtube embed code didn't work so here are the links.)

    Unknown Live (Spiro)

    And this one is a possible fake and if it is id love to know who made it because its a really good idea for a song.

    Point Hope

  • androgene said:
    they're compilations of obscure songs by other electronic musicians. some of the songs are really by mum, and some are actually by autechre. it's disappointing, i know.

    empireman said:
    Forkman said:
    Guys. Hooper Bay, Closes, Acid Memories, and play by numbers are all fakes. Only a few old tunes, old tunes vol.1, and old tunes vol.2 are legit.

    Are you sure?! Everything I've read elsewhere (admittedly only through other fan based websites) suggests that they are genuine releases from before they were signed to a larger label. If they are fakes, then they're convincing ones!

    Assuming they are genuine, and I kinda hope they are, then I would put my current favourites as Red Moss, M9, Godever and 5d!

    incorrect. the rare first releases actually do exist. however, any copies on the internet thus far are fakes (minus the few sample songs from their own website, such as Duffy and Wouldn't You Like To Be Free )
    One of the biggest reasons the first albums never leaked was because they were only ever released to close friends and family. things only started to spread to the realms of the internet around Boc Maxima because they released it both to family/friends AND to record companies as a demo tape.
    if you want more info on the subject of their early releases[and the group in general], you can check out a few reliable sites.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Feb 2010, 05:21
    Buckie High is really nice.
    Also, Poppy Seed & Poppy Seed(reprise)

    And then there's Skimming Stones and Whitewater,
    which I wouldn't really call rare, but still two of my favorites.

    • mscp22 said...
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    • 4 Mar 2010, 15:43

    happy cycling

    happy cycling sounds like the background to a reoccurring nightmare I've had since I was a kid. I'd forgotten about the nightmare until I heard this song - it made my heart stop beating.

    let's have a serious morning where things make sense.
  • Guys have u ever heard Numerator???
    (and not the remix one that sounds similar to Roygbiv)

    Living almost in a dreamlike state.....
  • Their live version of Julie and Candy found on the Live @ ATP is pretty amazing. Here's a link to the soundboard recording: http://youtu.be/h-y8HNhJkyM

    Recently I heard the Alphaquest remix of Roygbiv...right in the middle where
    "Doorways up and down the hall
    Wonder what's behind them all?
    Doors that lead to anywhere
    Got to A, B, C what's there
    Got to A, B, C, Decide
    Where's the door I haven't tried?
    A, B, C, D, East and West
    Going on an Alphaquest!
    is recited gave me chills...it just sounded so perfect.

    • zexd said...
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    • 15 Jul 2013, 14:51
    5-9-78 or Kiteracer 2

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