Nominations for week 58 (06/04>12/04/2009)

  • Nominations for week 58 (06/04>12/04/2009)

    Let's have your nominations for Week 58.
    Voting can be done untill sunday 05/04/2009.

    You can give 4-votes from the start of the week until I post "The List So Far", on Friday. Then you can cast an extra 5th vote on the weekend, but you must pick the name of an artist already on "The List so Far". Not a name from your 4 vote list. ;)
    But remember, you still can do it the old way, with simply 5 votes. All week long.

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  • Popa Chubby
    Warren Haynes
    Treves Blues Band
    Andi J Forrest
    Duke Robillard

    They call it stormy monday but tuesday it's just as bad
  • Here I am with my week 58 nominations...

    Keep The Blues Alive ... and don´t forget to Boogie!

  • CC
    Love and Peace or Else

  • week58

    1.Willie Dixson
    2 .Alnoye Jamse
    3.Otia Rush
    4..little Walter

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  • 1. Lead Belly
    2. Charley Patton
    3. The Rolling Stones
    4. John Mayer
    5. Wendy Colonna

  • Blues Artist ?

    Let' see :
    - Joe Bonamassa

  • cami2109 said:
    Janis Joplin
    Junior Wells
    Jonny Lang
    Koko Taylor
    Aretha Franklin

  • Done with Passion!

    1. Charlie Musselwhite ( one day we will fly )
    2. John Hammond ( it was a great concert last Friday)
    3. Etta James
    4. Sue Foley
    5.Howlin' Wolf

    Every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a Lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle... when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.” African Proverb
  • 1. Freddie King
    2. Johnny Winter
    3. Junior Kimbrough
    4. Magic Sam
    5. Mississippi Fred McDowell

  • Kim Wilson
    Blues Traveler
    Julian Sas
    Joanne Shaw Taylor!!!! (she is amazing)

    "Doleciał do 120 metra ale wylądował na 116". - Włodzimierz Szaranowicz :)
    "Jakieś dziwne, niezharmonizowane ruchy podczas najazdu". - Włodzimierz raz jeszcze ^^

    Niech moc Szarana będzie z Wami! Szaran and Szpak Followers Dołącz do wybranych :D
    Fejsbukowe muzykowanie xD

  • my week 58 votes:
    -> Ronnie Earl
    -> Duke Robillard
    -> Henrik Freischlader Band
    -> Roy Buchanan

  • charlie musselwhite
    sean costello
    livin blues
    george thorogood

  • Nominations for week 58

    Hello, here are my nominations:

    George Thorogood
    Jimmy Thackery
    Rod Piazza
    Mark Hummel
    Angela Strehli

  • Almost forgot to vote this week

    So much music, so little time (t-shirt from Austin Texas)
  • Doug MacLeod
    Tab Benoit
    Charlie Musselwhite
    Koko Taylor

  • week 58

    1 - Eric Clapton
    2 - Robert Cray
    3 - Buddy Guy
    4 - B.B. King

    • SYL2Oh said...
    • User
    • 1 Apr 2009, 21:56

    Salut, fans de blues !


  • - Papa Chubby
    - Duke Robillard
    - Charlie Musselwhite
    - Sean Costello
    - Doug MacLeod

    BluesRok / Jay
    • syept said...
    • User
    • 2 Apr 2009, 13:32
    - Papa Chubby
    - Nina Simone
    - Lead Belly
    - Sugar Blue
    - Eric Lindell

  • BAofW 58

  • Angela Strehli
    Julian Sas
    Dr John
    Warren Haynes
    Harmonica Mike

  • THE so far LIST:

    Charlie Musselwhite 7

    George Thorogood 4

    Duke Robillard 3
    Jimmy Thackery 3
    Koko Taylor 3
    Popa Chubby 3
    Sean Costello 3
    Tab Benoit 3

    Angela Strehli 2
    Doug MacLeod 2
    Dr. John 2
    Junior Wells 2
    Julian Sas 2
    Kim Wilson 2
    Lead Belly 2
    Little Walter 2
    Mark Hummel 2
    Rod Piazza 2
    Roy Buchanan 2
    Sue Foley 2
    Warren Haynes 2

    Alnoye Jamse
    Andi J Forrest
    Aretha Franklin
    Arthur Williams
    B.B. King
    Big Bill Broonzy
    Blues Traveler
    Buddy Guy
    Charley Patton
    Dinah Washington
    Eric Clapton
    Eric Lindell
    Etta James
    Freddie King
    Harmonica Mike
    Henrik Freischlader Band
    Howlin' Wolf
    Janis Joplin
    Jean-Jacques Milteau
    Joe Bonamassa
    John Hammond
    John Mayer
    Jonny Lang
    Junior Kimbrough
    Joanne Shaw Taylor
    Johnny Winter
    Livin’ Blues
    Magic Sam
    Michael Bloomfield
    Michael Osborn
    Mississippi Fred McDowell
    Nina Simone
    Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan
    Otis Rush
    Robert Cray
    Rolling Stones
    Ronnie Earl
    Sugar Blue
    Taj Mahal
    Treves Blues Band
    Wendy Colonna
    Widespread Panic
    Willie Dixson

  • 5) Dr. John

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