Bands who should be added to the group.

  • Bands who should be added to the group.

    Well, before I was leader I've noticed that there are many Blackended Thrash bands that there are not in the group. So this debate is for make a list of bands that must be added to the group to make this group the larger database of Blackened Thrash Metal bands. First of all: The bands should be only Blackened Thrash Metal bands or Black Metal bands with a high influence of Thrash Metal and vice versa; or in the case, bands who mix some similar genre (like Punk or Speed Metal) but with a sound predominantly of Blackened Thrash. I added some bands from my collection:

    -Bestial Hordes
    - Bestial Torture
    - Bestial Reviler
    - Zadkiel
    - Alcoholic Rites
    - Chapel
    -Bestial Holocaust
    - Bunker 66
    - Pactum (Mex)
    - Witching Hour
    - Condor
    - Slaughtered Priest
    - Perversifier
    - Mantak
    - Infernal Mäjesty
    - Vesper
    - War Ripper
    - Power From Hell
    - Witchaven
    - Midnight
    - NME
    - Destruction
    - Necromessiah
    - Impiety
    - Black Torment
    - Ruins
    - Syphilitic Vaginas
    - Fuck Off And Die!
    - Perversor
    - Witchtrap
    - Devastator
    - Toxic Holocaust

    Send your bands and I'll connect them to the group.

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    • DomeHo said...
    • User
    • 31 May 2012, 16:42
    I'm not sure, but are bands like Abigail and Barbatos in here, too?

    Freeze mothafucka!
  • Derelyction - Black Metalpunk/Crustcore from Giessen, Germany : & .

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