15 Mar 2014, 11:00 by Manoloxines

    Hi people,Portuguese subversive combo Crise Total who have just survived a death in it's members(founder guitar player Rui Ramos aka Rui Rocker)have now through Rastilho Distro released a split 7" with Brasil's chaos purveyors Periferia S.A.(who has members from legends Ratos De Porao).4 tracks of no-nonsense knees-up Punk Hardcore oldschool type!Available through crisetotal1983@gmail.com or www.rastilhorecords.com 5 Euros+Post http://rastilho.bandcamp.com/album/crise-total-periferia-s-a
  • Lights, Wires & Orgasm

    17 Feb 2014, 12:38 by VladdaMeer

    Sun 16 Feb – MSHR @ Studio 11
    It was really amazing experience being there and witnessed that human body actually can produce art.
    I always knew that art is somewhere hidden in every person, and at 16th February anyone who had courage could actually hear the sound not only of artists/musicians MSHR who performed, but the sound of your own body as well.
    Two metal plates which I suppose every persona has in the kitchen was put and connected in the circle of several sound receivers and lights, so when two personas stand face to face in front of each other, touching can start, and impulses of the body are materialized in spectrum of dozens different sounds according to the type and strength of touch. But that was at the end of performance. Like after party, after we had opportunity to see (I would say) the sound of orgasm and other impulsive & light-breaking show in performance of the MSHR.
    When all had start I got impression that it is a sounds of digging in the mine, but actually it was digging in the mine of the body.
    I am grateful to the organizer who make it possible to see performance and have that kind of experience in my hometown.

    It was so inspiring that I wrote a poem titled the same as this journal. :)
  • Madame B's new album SHADOWS

    15 Nov 2013, 19:45 by Madame-B-

    Hello there,
    You can now listen to my new album on Last.fm Madame B and also free download my new album SHADOWS @ Zorch Factory Records:
    Enjoy...or not!
  • When I die

    6 Jan 2013, 20:21 by VladdaMeer

    When I die let all
    the superfluous smiles wed
    someplace on a timbered or tinny facade
    Let them plummet into the nebulous depths
    of blossomed tulip petals
    Into the melanoid blood of slaughtered flowers
    Let memories remain
    in traces of parched earth
    disintegrating in the sun
    while the wind blows away crumbs of the past
    When I die once
    in one day
    in monotonous steps
    with no recollection of shame
    and fly far away
    like a speckle of dust
    high up in the sky
    in the glacial aura
    of the final dusk of oblivion

    Written By Vladimir Milojković
  • Crise Total-New Single Out Now

    4 Jun 2013, 10:36 by Manoloxines

    In order to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band and subversive entity the folk from Rastilho have released a new single from the Portuguese Anarcho-Punk pioneers,two tracks of the usual ferocious knees-up assault that people who know the band are used to with founder-member Manolo still at the helm along with partner in crime and also longstanding founder-member Rui Rocker and the two new recruits(not so new now..haha..)Rattus(Albert Fish,Faccao Opposta)and Jonhie(Simbiose).Available through mail order as a cd €5 euros or pack cd+T-Shirt €15 euros at http://www.rastilhorecords.com
  • Free download compilation "Quintessenz 2012"

    22 Dec 2012, 14:36 by darkerradio

    A successful year 2012 is coming to an end for afmusic, a lot of releases of younger and older bands saw the light of the day this year. Shortly before Christmas and so just one day after the predicted end of the world the new free download compilation "Quintessenz 2012", which gives an overview about the released CDs and Vinyls, will be published.

    The first part of the collection is hereby programmatic, because the evoken and for years lived by afmusic Gothic Rock Revival has names such as Golden Apes, Red Sun Revival, The Last Cry, Brotherhood or Grooving In Green. Who's rather affectionated to Post Punk, will find songs with Voyvoda, Dystopian Society, Ending The Vicious Cycle and others and the Indie listeners gets his money worth with Emerald Park, The Search and Uni_Form. For friends of electronic music, eventually AlterRed, Sharon Next and (((S))) offer food for the last days of the year...


    01. Golden Apes "Devil"
    02. Grooving in Green "Stranglehold"
    03. Red Sun Revival "My Child"
    04. The Eternal Fall "Salvation"
    05. Ending the Vicious Cycle "1000 Words - Angels Of Liberty Mix"
    06. The Last Cry "Falling Away"
    07. Brotherhood "Shame"
    08. Aeon Sable "Dancefloor Satellite (Album Edit)"
    09. Tiny Boys "Persian Punk"
    10. Lotus Feed "Home Of The Watchmen"
    11. Dystopian Society "Last Crusade"
    12. Dead United "Be Afraid Of The Night"
    13. Les Modules Etranges "過労死"
    14. Siiiii "Over"
    15. We Came from Waters "Maze"
    16. Monument "Teeth and Tails"
    17. Scofferlane "All Because Of Us"
    18. Voyvoda "Hanuma / Ханъма"
    19. Cauda Pavonis "Terror in the Nursery (Resurgence Version)"
    20. Uni_Form "1984"
    21. The Search "Staring Into A Screen"
    22. A Rainy Day in Bergen "It Has Left"
    23. Emerald Park "A Beautiful Mourning"
    24. Radio DCS "Little Stitch"
    25. DeStijl "Serial Immortality (Part 4)"
    26. (((S))) "Swimming In Lava"
    27. AlterRed "And We Disappear"
    28. Sharon Next "Der Hase (Faderhead Remix)"

  • "From Darkness, The Light" is the latest release from Madame B...

    15 Nov 2012, 12:28 by Madame-B-

    "From Darkness, The Light" is the latest release from Madame B and is a fine specimen, indeed! It is almost instantly reminiscent of the 80’s experimental side and features pieces from minimal (dark)wave to raw experimentation. No two tracks are alike and it’s sure to keep your interests peaked! The overall sound is characteristic Madame B, but for those of you just joining the party, it’s vaguely as though Einstürzende Neubauten meets early Attrition with and adds a twist of unpredictability. Get your tickets here and hear the show! G."


    zorch factory records

    teaser here :
  • Free compilation independent from all big labels celebrating the 5th anniversary of…

    2 Oct 2012, 01:09 by Manoloxines

    Great compilation freely available from our netlabel friends from http://www.nacion-libre.net/ with loads of noise from several Latin countries us among them,loads of Punk soundz and its subgenres!We don't need the big labels to produce and
    distribute important music!Compilacao gratis feita pelos nossos amigos da nossa netlabel http://www.nacion-libre.net/ com varias bandas Latinas da onda Punk e seus ramos!Nao necessitamos das grandes editoras para pormos ai fora amensagem e musica importantes! Info page: http://www.nacion-libre.net/netlabel/va-destruyendo-la-industria-musical
    Direct link to mp3: http://www.nacion-libre.net/descargar_mp3.php?id=47
    Direct link to ogg: http://www.nacion-libre.net/descargar.php?id=47
  • Free download compilation "Quintessenz"

    11 Aug 2012, 11:57 by darkerradio

    On August 6th 2012 our new compilation "Quintessenz 2009 - 2011" is released as a free download exclusivlely on bandcamp. The compilation forms, with 63 bands from 16 countries, a broad overview of the still short history of afmusic, which was formed as a netlabel in 2008 and is still, next to commercial releases, releasing netlabel releases under a free license as free downloads.

    "Quintessenz" offers fans of the genres Alternative, Gothic Rock, Dark Wave, Post Punk, Indie, New Wave, Electronic and Experimental an extensive profile of the bands, afmusic worked with in the years 2009 until 2011. From underground bands to famous artists like Rhombus, Christine Plays Viola, The Search, Principe Valiente, The Foreign Resort or Emerald Park, there is a manifold mix beyond mainstream on the compilation.

    "Quintessenz" proves in an impressive way, that even for small indie labels it isn't impossible, in the age of globalisation, with modern technics, to work international. What began as a small netlabel, is a fix factor in the european gothic rock and indie scene, which can't be imagined to not exist anymore.



    01. Rebentisch - Mein Blick ins Leere 03:54
    02. Light in Your Life - Song About Love 04:42
    03. Die Schatten - Ewigkeit 06:41
    04. Stromble Fix - Dragonfly 03:45
    05. Defekt 86 - Helden Meiner Zeit (Electromix) 03:53
    06. Camp Z - W.Hell.Come II 03:50
    07. Mav - Akynetik 05:02
    08. (((S))) - Addicted to My Dreams 03:25
    09. Accident - Marjoram (Fat Ba's 911 is a joke mix) 05:12
    10. Silver Rocket - In A Hole 02:46
    11. Curious - Thrill B 04:12
    12. The Shock Project - Charly 03:24
    13. Plastic People - Nothing Is Eternal 04:59
    14. Ignition880 - Cooling 03:38
    15. The Eternal Fall - Just With You 03:42
    16. The Forced Oscillations - Machines 03:48
    17. Aeon Sable - Agnosia 04:46
    18. The Transisters - Confuse-a-cat 03:04
    19. Dark Souls Day - Los Angelina 04:00
    20. Rhombus - New Temperance 03:18
    21. The Nightchild - Des Mondes Kind 04:18
    22. Lotus Feed - Drawn Too 05:49
    23. The Silence Industry - Permanent Crisis 06:06
    24. Christine Plays Viola - Apocryphal Supremacy 07:29
    25. The House of the Last Lantern - Just Dance 04:05
    26. The Knutz - Ghost Dance Party 04:49
    27. Bernie Bandicoot - Pleasures 05:25
    28. The Open Up and Bleeds - Stiv Bators in All of Us 02:54
    29. M!R!M - Deep Throat 04:23
    30. Winter Severity Index - The Wiser 03:48
    31. Amada - Nuovi Re 04:31
    32. Danish Daycare - Second Day In June 04:49
    33. On Wave - Splendour 03:35
    34. Smoke Fish - We're Gonna Have A Good Time 02:59
    35. Shearer - Against My Nature 03:33
    36. Melanculia - Lightmare 05:05
    37. Tobias Borelius - Hiro 02:45
    38. Shino - My Mistress 03:04
    39. Degrees - At Least Rock & Roll Won't Leave A Hole In My Back 06:25
    40. That Was Yesterday - Father 04:41
    41. Lovegrenade - Hategrenade 02:19
    42. The Search - Age Of The Hermit 04:15
    43. Principe Valiente - The Night 04:43
    44. The Foreign Resort - Orange Glow (Edit) 04:39
    45. Duellen - Frågan 03:14
    46. Emerald Park - Things 03:09
    47. all:my:faults - Es wird ein Regen kommen... 05:01
    48. The Glass Spider - The Entering Code 04:08
    49. Godex - For You 03:33
    50. Frightnights [Under Haunted Stars] - Dysfunctional (Dead Space Mix) 03:14
    51. Notes from Underground - Greed (Gier Remix by Bruno Kramm) 03:58
    52. Art of Empathy - Still Dancing 03:47
    53. Mach Fox - Nu Dead Pretty (Planktoon Mix) 04:13
    54. Muffled Shine - Alone 05:17
    55. Unfactory - My Insane 04:13
    56. AlterRed - The Drug Named God 05:28
    57. Ghostfog - Flutter 03:59
    58. Waiting in Vain - Awake Again (Trensity RMX) 03:56
    59. Eternal Nightmare - The Worst Day in History 04:14
    60. Deied - A Shell Full of Scars (Mach Fox Remix) 05:37
    61. Thornfields - Under the Rain (Sunrise Mix) 03:35
    62. Verlustprinzip - Nachtlicht (Ghostmix) 05:42
    63. Cyber Snake - Good By (My Love) 05:55


    13 Dec 2011, 10:32 by Egibeltza



    AFP, Mise à jour : mardi 13 décembre 2011 11:16

    *note : "ONU" is for U.N.O., Organisation des Nations Unies (as we say : "unies ? tu parles !"

    Syrie: la répression a fait plus de 5.000 morts, l'ONU mise en cause pour son inaction

    La répression en Syrie a fait "plus de 5.000 morts", a affirmé lundi la haut commissaire aux droits de l'homme de l'ONU Navi Pillay, s'en prenant devant le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies à l'inaction de la communauté internationale.


    "Aujourd'hui j'ai rapporté le fait que le nombre (des morts) excède 5.000", a-t-elle dit lors d'un point de presse à l'issue de la réunion du Conseil.

    L'ONU a des informations selon lesquelles plus de 200 personnes ont été tuées depuis le 2 décembre par les forces du président Bachar al-Assad, a indiqué Mme Pillay, selon des diplomates qui ont assisté à la réunion du Conseil.

    Le dernier bilan de l'ONU était de plus de 4.000 personnes tuées par les forces syriennes depuis le début du mouvement de contestation du régime en mars dernier. Interrogé sur ce bilan la semaine dernière, le président Assad avait mis en doute la crédibilité de l'ONU.

    Mme Pillay s'exprimait devant le Conseil en réponse à une demande de la France, de la Grande-Bretagne et de l'Allemagne.

    Le Conseil de sécurité n'arrive pas à se mettre d'accord sur une résolution qui condamnerait la répression en Syrie. Un double veto russo-chinois a torpillé le 4 octobre un projet de résolution en ce sens. Depuis, la Russie, alliée du régime syrien, n'a pas donné de signe d'assouplissement.

    "Des informations crédibles réunies par mon personnel démontrent une tendance à l'usage systématique et étendu de la torture lors des interrogatoires", a assuré Mme Pillay, toujours selon des diplomates.

    Citant des sources dignes de foi, Mme Pillay a indiqué que plus de 300 mineurs avaient été tués par les forces syriennes, dont 56 pour le seul mois de novembre. Les écoles ont été utilisées comme centres de détention.

    "Tuer des enfants en les frappant ou en leur tirant dessus pendant les manifestations" est une pratique "largement répandue" tout comme "la torture et les mauvais traitements", a-t-elle ajouté.

    "L'inaction de la communauté internationale va enhardir les autorités syriennes et assurer l'impunité aux auteurs" de ces tueries, a-t-elle dit.

    A l'issue de l'exposé de Navi Pillay, même Vitali Tchourkine, ambassadeur russe à l'ONU, s'est dit "troublé". "Nous sommes tous unis par le fait que nous sommes extrêmement troublés par les développements tragiques en Syrie de ces derniers mois et par le fait que nous voudrions que cela cesse", a-t-il déclaré.

    La position de la Russie n'a pas bougé pour autant, a résumé M. Tchourkine. "Ce que la Russie a demandé est le dialogue. Malheureusement nous avons vu certains membres-clés de la communauté internationale et du Conseil de sécurité changer de vitesse et se tourner vers le mode +changer de régime+ (en Syrie), décourageant le dialogue à l'intérieur de la Syrie et entre la Ligue arabe et la Syrie", a-t-il poursuivi. "C'est très dangereux", a-t-il prévenu.

    A l'opposé, l'ambassadeur de France à l'ONU a vertement mis en cause l'inaction du Conseil de sécurité, "moralement responsable de ce qui se passe aujourd'hui en Syrie". "La France et d'autres membres du Conseil de sécurité considèrent que le silence du Conseil est un scandale", a-t-il poursuivi.

    "Nous pensons maintenant que le Conseil de sécurité doit agir", a pour sa part côté affirmé l'ambassadeur britannique à l'ONU Mark Lyall Grant. "Il est intolérable que le Conseil soit condamné à demeurer silencieux", a renchéri l'ambassadeur allemand aux Nations unies Peter Wittig, dont le ministre des Affaires étrangères Guido Westerwelle s'était auparavant dit "choqué" par ce qu'il avait entendu de la situation en Syrie.

    "Nous estimons incroyable que le Conseil de sécurité n'ait pas parlé ces derniers mois", a quant à elle Mme Rosemary DiCarlo, ambassadrice adjointe des Etats-Unis à l'ONU.