Unknown Black Metal bands

  • Aspera Ad Astra: http://www.myspace.com/asperaadastraband

    Newcomers from Thuringia (Germany).

    Bevor wir nicht alles zerstören,
    wird es nur Ruinen geben!
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    Demo, 2008 (9 Songs / 45min 28 sec )

    Throne Through Time Demo, 2010 (9 Songs / 49min 53sec )

    MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ganonownsyou

    LastFm: http://www.last.fm/music/Gannondorf?setlang=en

    P.S. I'm not a Member of Gannondorf ;)

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    • 16 Apr 2011, 21:41
    Nachtlieder, for fans of well-arranged though raw BM:


    STYR, raw and primal, yet melodic:


  • Choruse, symphonic black metal band from Indonesia.

  • Morok. the german morok band is awesome. not sure about the russian one

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  • a band i play in Ramlord plays various styles of metal but tagged as black metal most.

    very little listeners as not many people in the area agree with eccentric black metal, power violence and crust.


    different blogs host the album as well.

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    • 16 Jun 2011, 18:11
  • [spam]


    Reached for the abyss. Never touched the sky.
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  • Christ Agony

    Zamiast bać się ciemności stań się jej częścią.
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    • 14 Jul 2011, 02:25

    Black Metal from Brazil with lyrics in portuguese


  • Salamander Funeral

    Salamander Funeral

    first self released debut album in august 2011-Travel In Suffering CD-r copy

  • ... Christ Agony

    Wait a second, a late reaction, but still.....maybe there's no exact definition of what are known and unknown bands, and probably it also depends on the country we live in... but my point is that Christ Agony is not an unknown band in my opinion.. I have like six albums at home.. I think they are (or at lease were) pretty wellknown outside Poland too... Anyway.. not that it makes any difference.. because of the posting I started to listen to them just yet for the first time since ages.. so thanks for posting!

  • Finnugor

    Finnugor from Hungry are pretty fucking terrible but manage to have guest musicians from all over the black metal scene play on their albums.

    Below is an article about how bad their front man Gabriel Wolf looks.



    • Wrathem said...
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    • 28 Jul 2011, 20:34
    The band Sylvus plays atmospheric black metal.Feels like Wolves in the Throne Room sometimes.It features female vocals from time to time in the first releases.
    You can download their S/T album Sylvus.

  • 1: Irrwisch
    2: Galdr
    3: Jarnvid
    4: Erhängen
    5: Vanja Gvozdanović
    6: Desolation Hymn
    7: Darkest Grove
    8: Be Persecuted
    9: Addaura
    10: Azhubham Haani

  • I find Azarath to be very good.

    The wizard in black reveals the sign
    The chosen are ready, destiny realigns
    Eye of ultra soul, together we join
    Alone again, once again, into the void
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    • 5 Sep 2011, 12:49
  • Geflimmernacht

    This White Mountain


    I guess Mysticum is pretty unknown.

    And of course Gromkult

    Don't let the opinions of others consume you.
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    • 9 Sep 2011, 14:38
    Anglo-Saxon black metal from the UK www.last.fm/music/Cruelty's+Heart

    British melodic black metal, Cruelty's Heart at www.last.fm/music/Cruelty's+Heart
  • Apathia
    Negative Italian black metal from Roma/Modena.

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