Your least favourite genre?

  • Your least favourite genre?

    Is there any genre that you don't like? Maybe some of you like absolutely everything...??
    I like a lot of stuff and my taste is a bit more varied than most people I know, but I never quite 'got' death metal. It just doesn't really appeal to me. That's not to say I'd judge anyone for listening to it ;-) and I don't hate death metal, since I think it makes no sense to hate a music genre.

    Anyway! Your turn.

  • well I tend to dislike anything which is very vocal oriented with almost no backing music, so thats pretty much all rap and hip-hop. Then theres always pretty much all of pop, it just dosent do anything for me and yeah.. death metal... melodic death metal is awsome, but im not to fond of brutal death metal *shrugs* I think its the drums. OH and dont evem get me started on country :p

    i suspect most people are going to dislike metal lets see if im right :D

    Your Turn.

  • Ha that's hilarious, i really like country. And hip-hop. And pop......
    I'm not sure if the popular answer will be metal cos from looking through this group, many people are into it. Hopefully I won't be excommunicated from here by the metal heads!!

  • nah i think youll be ok, most metal heads are pretty open minded people.... well except those TRVE metal heads boy i find them anoying. For me a song has to be good even if you remove the vocals my #1 at the moment dosent even have vocals :3 give em a listen Demetori are awsome :P, now on the issue of pop i dont like most of the pop coming from america however the pop coming from japan (j-pop) i realy like if you ask me they are more rock influenced and i realy like the way japanese sounds (its my fav, french would be my second favorite sounding language)... well i suppose my tastes dont fall into the "mainstream" so much. PEACE OUT!

    Your Turn. :3

    • brilhar said...
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    • 10 Jan 2009, 15:20
    i pretty much listen to everything but i just cant stand jazz it's just not appealing yeah.. .but i dont get when people say that just because they dont like a particular genre its a bad genre... i think there are no good & bad genres, just some are appealing to you & some are not.. i'd say my least favourite are classic music & jazz... & thats it. metal is ok haha.. but i'd prefer industrial to it ; )

  • I'm not a fan of modern country. I like some older country and newer alt-country, story songs and such, but the newer mainstream stuff mostly all sounds the same to me.

    Other than that, I think I like a bit of everything really.

  • country and folk.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Jan 2009, 03:13
    I'd be inclined to think country would be the most disliked. "I like everything but country" is a really common statement.

    And.... I myself don't like it. Not even the 'good' stuff. (But I'll never, EVER say "I like everything but country." Ever. There's so much hateworthy music out there, even if you're open-minded. :P)

    Also, bluegrass with vocals. Banjos are lovely instruments, but please, no singing atop them. Unless you're Irish. ;D

    Those would be my least favorite.

  • Yeah, yeah, I think most commonly people say they have everything but rap, country or opera, probably because they are more "extreme" in their differentness from a lot of music that is big now a days. They are all genres I generally like less of, though I like more rap than country and I feel fairly neutral about most opera.

  • I don't like emo and death metal...

    • Kamy--x said...
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    • 18 Jan 2009, 20:03
    I hate country, rap, classical and music like bring me the horizon..
    death metal stuff.. oh and jazz, blues and folk music ^^

  • jazz, blues, opera, rap, hip-hop, folk ...

  • i don't like techno, trance and all that sh*t ;)

  • Either modern country or hardcore techno.

    Also, noise/experimental music.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Jan 2009, 13:08
    techno, german folk music ("schlager") and gangsta rap...

    though industrial, folk and rap/hiphop (if well made) are ok

    and i have a strong dislike against modern synthetic pop music with singers who can't even carry a tune and who catch more attention with their looks and private life than with their music

  • There's almost no genres that I dislike. I can rather say there are genres which I know better or worse. I really don't like disco-polo and black metal. But I don't cross out it. Many people, many preferences. But one thing is important: independently of genre, the artist must be an artist: he must can sing, play, create!

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  • Anything but country.
    It's that simple. :)

  • I don't like metal and I can't say I'm into rap. But I'm open for pretty much everything else! :D

  • augustlilly said:
    There's so much hateworthy music out there, even if you're open-minded. :P)

    Haha, that really made me laugh =), anyway....I also don't appreciate anything that's vocals-centered, that's why I don't like hardcore. Most hardcore bands don't push the limits with the music but they do with their lyrics, not my cup of tea.

    I can't really stand music that doesn't come off as hand made or a result of group work, therefore, I really dislike any techno, house and trance and anything within that range. Rap and hip-hop also don't cut it for me coz they #1- are vocals-centered and #2- Don't really say much (except the underground rap stuff which has the problem mentioned in #1).

    Some of you may think that I just disregarded a huge chunk of music but really, that stuff feels like less than 1% of the music of the world for me =).

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Feb 2009, 20:24

  • trendhouse aka 'electro/house)' and 'minimal' which it is usually referred to. don't get me wrong, i like electro, no scratch that. i love electro, the proper stuff that is. and i like minimal house or techno, and again, the proper stuff. but the common hellspawns that is usually reffered to as the either thing are shit in most cases.

    and add emo to that equation, it's nothing wrong with the proper stuff, but i'd rather slit my own throat than listen to a bright eyes album in fill.

    i wouldn't dismiss country altogether but i find it hard to get into the stuff beyond the usual johnny cash stuff but that will probably change eventually.

    operatic stuff and classical was things i hated as a teenager and child but i got sort of into that, but really shallow,

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Feb 2009, 06:46
    rap, hip-hop, country, jazz, and overly popular music *coughs* miley cyrus...taylor swift...high school musical crap *cough*

  • bad club/house.

    and underwater fiddle.
    i can't say fiddle, i like very little but still like some of it. but I'm sure if i heard some played underwater i would hate it.

  • I honestly think I like everything except for stuff like heavy metal. Can't get into it at all, and it makes me feel... anxious, or something. I also hate pop that's extremely bubblegum, and some pop/punk, or whatever you want to call it.

  • i thought i dislike country, but i got listened to The Everybodyfields and i had to see it can be good also. I never listened to electronic music by a strong prejudice, but some fine IDM (and the Other People Place) opened my ears; i think different genres are like different parts, they have some things in common but the essence is usually unique in each and so uncomparable. This does not mean every genre is the same good, but separates them and gives them own goals (like country has a different goal than metal's goal).
    what i can't like is metal. There are some progressive rock stuff which i favourise but no metal. that's for me.

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