did you ever feel guilty because of your bipolar music taste?

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 May 2008, 20:31

    did you ever feel guilty because of your bipolar music taste?

    For me, yes I was feeling. When I was a newbie on lastfm, I was using Amy Lee avatar.But I feel guilty because I also listen Britney, Hilary etc. I really really love Evanescence, no one has to believe it but they can't blame me for some unfair reasons. a boy wrote to my shoutbox these words "You stupid b*tch.Take your amy lee picture of your profile.You don't deserve it.You are listening sh*ts like brit,avril,hilary". when I saw this my fears increased more and more.Why are some people so hard on music taste?Is there a rule in music? and why don't they accept that I love Evanescence while I was listening Britney or Avril? I lived with nothing and no one but Evanescence 4 years.

  • Well I outgrew Evanescence and I dont know what the person that wrote on your shoutbox thought but Ev is not hardcore or anything.

    I only get a fear when people look at my ipod or mp3 and they go like "WTF is that????" Most of the music I listen to my friends have never heard of. I also have alot of music with growls and grunts. Not what many people like. But right next to it. I will have something like Lifehouse. lol

  • Sometimes I get nervous what's gonna come up on shuffle when other people are in the room. But then I sit back and remember, I have no guilty pleasures. Bring it on!

  • No.

    I don't care what other people think about the music I listen and I have no problem telling someone what I like, even if its something they consider crap or "stupid catchy music with no artistic value" (read it on Nightwish's shoutbox a while ago).

    • Roelant said...
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    • 28 May 2008, 16:31
    Guilty?! For just loving music? No man...

    I think we all have one thing in common: We REALLY love music!

    From Britney to Metallica, they all got their musical qualities....and we can see/hear them!! :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 May 2008, 16:53
    Oh hell no, my music taste just makes me feel good not guilty.

    You can't decide what kind of music you like (or dislike), can you?

  • You can pretend, but that's shitty.

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    • 30 May 2008, 23:14
    fakehead said:
    You can pretend, but that's shitty.

    Exactly :P

    You gotta come out of the closet about your music taste (and sometimes other things too) eventually!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Jun 2008, 04:31
    I know what you mean, but...you gotta ignore the stupid people xD Just because I like Britney Spears doesn't mean I can't like metal, yet some people seem to think so. *shrugs* It doesn't make sense.

    • Seklyan said...
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    • 3 Jun 2008, 07:40

    Long ago...

    Not guilty, mostly a little embarrassed, luckily that kind of reaction has passed. As in a previous post, I used to be a little nervous about what would come up on shuffle, and I would always feel like I had to explain away the weirder tangents of my musical choices. Now, however, I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks. There really is no right or wrong with music. I think it's a shame when others criticize people about their choices when it's none of their business. Music is personal, it's almost as personal as what you look for in another person, friends or boyfriends/girlfriends, and for people to malign your tastes is just bad manners. Such as in other aspects of life, as long as it's not actually hurting anyone else, do what makes you happy.

    • Fulvian said...
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    • 7 Jun 2008, 11:40
    • PannaN said...
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    • 8 Jun 2008, 17:45
    I don't feel guilty but sometimes I feel really sad when I must read comments like "cunt" "get out of here" or something like that just becouse I like to listen to Spears or Aguilera.
    Some people don't understand that it's possible to have on your playlist Spears with Metallica, The Mars Volta with Amy Winehouse and Leonard Cohen with Linkin Park.
    They think that I have problem that I can't decide which kind of music I love... problem? They have problem with their intolerance ; )

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Jul 2008, 17:45
    Never! It's an important part of my personality.
    If I come across 'discrimination', though, I prefer not to boast my point of view around at all because it's quite pointless. Some people just seem to be too childish to ever stop regarding their musical horizons superior to everybody else outside their social settings.

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  • No shame in my game!

    • aliien said...
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    • 20 Jul 2008, 05:39
    Well... this one time ...hehe jk I am way proud of everything I listen too! It gets boring listening to just ONE type of music, bleh -- plus while listening to music from different countries not only do I appreciate it more, I also learn about their cultures and lifestyles. Yeps-- I love all my music. :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Jul 2008, 05:45
    Way back in the day when I was first getting into music I was listening to a lot of pop punk and nu metal and my friends who were into the punk stuff gave me shit for my metal and my metal friends gave me shit about my shitty pop punk. I felt a bit torn. But now my music taste is so different from what it used to be like. But now I'm proud of my odd taste.

  • No way, I love what I love and everyone who can't appreciate ALL kinds of music or can't appreciate that other people do can DIAF.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Jul 2008, 18:35
    Of course not.
    I like all my music and I listen my music only for myself, not for the others.

    • xFabby said...
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    • 3 Sep 2008, 00:27
    Err... I'm sort of embarrassed over a few things in my charts. Mostly the stuff that I don't particularly like (Blink-182 and Evanescence, for example) but still have a few enjoyable songs of.

  • yes. It's not very well considered for a metalhead to listen to things like Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, Sum 41 and things like that... xDDD

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Sep 2008, 00:54
    i have deleted all my panic at the disco's plays D:

  • if I'm at a party and people put my mp3 player on shuffle, they enjoy it when stuff like MGMT, Interpol, M.I.A, Santogold, Jimmy Eat World, Jets to Brazil, M83, My Bloody Valentine pop up, but as soon as say, Necrophagist, Dark Tranquillity or At the Gates pop up people throw my player right back at me. but I don't really give a shit.. people should listen to whatever sounds good to them :)

  • yes.
    only when people know about it. I have a Death Stars poster next to a lifesize Hannah Montana poster, it's alittle awkward when people walk in my room and see it.

  • I still feel self-conscious about some of the music I listen to. Although I believe "listened to" is more apt - I deleted a fair few artists in my library when the new site was implemented, but they were all from my days of WILD EXPERIMENTATION (awful music included). I'm kinda glad I went through such a phase, because I now know precisely where my tastes lie in different genres.

    But on the whole, no, I don't feel guilty about my bipolar taste. My friends know I like Judas Priest and Madonna in equal measures.
    My past bipolarity on the other hand...

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