• Eurotix - I Plead Insanity (Press release)

    16 Mar 2014, 15:34 by BimboBoy

    Eurotix is a new project from Sweden, ready to put the "pop" back in synthpop. Members Dennis Alexis Hellström (vocals) and Larry Forsberg (keys and knobs) both share a passion for eighties music, so their songs are heavily influenced by the synthpop/eurodisco sound of that era. But with a modern twist.

    "Our main goal with Eurotix is to make an album we'd enjoy listening to ourselves. We're in this for the love of synthpop, to have fun. And if others like it too, that's a big bonus!"

    The debut single, I Plead Insanity, has just been released digitally. It was the first song Larry and Dennis recorded together, so it holds a special place in their hearts. The maxi-single also includes a remix of the title track, an Army of Lovers cover and the exclusive B-side "Replay".

    "I Plead Insanity” is out now on:

    Amazon UK:
    Amazon US:

    Stefan Gemzell has directed a moody photo video for the song, available on YouTube:

    For the latest news on Eurotix and the upcoming album, keep checking the official Facebook page:


    1. I Plead Insanity
    2. I Plead Insanity (A Blue Ocean Dream Remix)
    3. Supernatural (12" Version)
    4. Replay


    Tracks 1, 2 and 4 written by Larry Forsberg, Sven-Inge Sjöberg, Lennart Wastesson. Track 3 written by Alexander Bard, Magnus Frykberg, Emil Hellman, Gunnar Jacobsson. Track 2 remixed by A Blue Ocean Dream. Produced by Eurotix. Distribution: Computer Killed The Recordstore. Promo photo: Alexander Lindström. Logo: Andreas Pernlund. Artwork: Jeffrey Trull (

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  • Neja Recording New Album

    20 Apr 2008, 05:48 by JDonn

    Neja is recording a new album, her producers are Andrea Casamentera and Benjamin Braxton who the "Catwalk" single.

    You can watch her last interview on a French TV show and a performace of "Catwalk". She started to recorded last week. Stay tuned to Neja news!Neja
  • More Bulgaria... (...)

    23 Nov 2007, 10:15 by talkingmusic

    Azis is maybe a stranger for most of you. He is a famous (gay) singer from Bulgaria. But why do I write here about him. Well, he made a cover of Lane Moje. In Bulgarian ofcourse "Mila Moja, Angel Moj"
    again I found it in esnips. I didn't like Lane Moje, and I think this version is just the same, but as a real eurovision fan I LOVE to find covers as well. So enjoy!

    7 Nov 2007, 10:49 by talkingmusic

    Noticed something? Ever since April 26 I haven't been on-line. I was in Indonesia with an expired visa, and that meant bad luck.
    I remained in the imigration detention center for about 6 months, waiting for me to get enough money to go home, in the meantime helping others inside there to get lawyers, tickets, drinking water, food, etc.
    That was not appreceated by imigration so on September 26th the came to me at night, beat me up, handcuffed me and put me in isolation for 2 weeks, refusing access to docter, etc.
    Luckely the Dutch embassy came to my rescue, and I arrived safely in Holland on November 6th.
    Needless to say that I am going to sue them in court, but beside all that, though I have to settle down here first I am back on the net, and more eager than ever to use the possibilities I have here in Holland which I didn't in Indonesia.

    I wish you all the best, and will try to keep up with all your news, new music, and more!!!
  • Artist of the Month......

    27 Feb 2007, 03:32 by talkingmusic

    In January, Ruth Sahanaya was my artist of the month. Ruth, who will be touring again soon, had a new album, and she is one of the best female artists of Indonesia.

    In February it was time for Edsilia Rombley who was again selected to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Finland. She is a fanastic woman, a great performer and has a voice that is really warm and inspiring.

    So who is it going to be in March? It is again an Indonesian Diva....
    Though she often dresses awfully, like a little enfant terrible, she is one of the best songwriters/composers of Indonesia, with music composed for many of Indonesia's best movies like Ada Apa Dengan Cinta and Heart. Her recent succes with BBB brings her really into the spotlight to go international. She could have written this song for any succesful group like Steps or even for theVengaboys cause the sound is very European.

    Let's Dance Together (feat. BBB) is a great dance song, bringing us back to the days of disco, but also to the days of Britpop like Step's music. And yes, very camp, very gay!

    So, here you are Melly Goeslaw YOU ARE MY ARTIST OF THE MONTH MARCH! Congratuelations!