• Beverley Craven: Good news about new CD Album

    2 Sep 2008, 18:56 by Secret_Sense

    Dear listeners of great Beverley Craven,

    I´v just received a message from her myspace blog telling interesting news about her new cd album and tour band:
    Her´s the original blog message:


    Yippee!! One more song to go and then the album is finally finished! I've just got to record a fretless bass on a song called, Without Me and then we're done. I'm so happy with the way it's all sounding (thanks to a fantastic mix engineer called Gary Stevenson, who's made everything sound so much better - like a record, in fact).
    The next step is to try and co-ordinate the musicians for the live dates...They're all such lovely players, I just have to hope no one else snaps them up with a better offer...! I'm hoping to have Fergus Gerrand on percussion (you can google him, if you like), Felix Krish on bass, Frank Mead on sax (he's googleable too), Tim Cansfield on guitar (he's ex-BeeGees!!!) and, if the budget can stretch to it, Gary Sanctuary playing keyboards (but he doesn't know that yet). Two female backing vocalists are out of the question at the moment for such a small tour, but otherwise this is my perfect band!
    We're still adding dates so check the website over the next few weeks - I can't wait to play the new stuff!
    Hope to see you at a show...
    Bev X "

    I wish her good luck and I´m absolutely looking forward to listening to her new songs:). She´s a great artist!!!!!
  • Beverley Craven works on a new album

    26 May 2008, 21:19 by Secret_Sense

    Hey my friends:) On myspace I found out that Beverley is producing a new album. This is really great news for me as a big big fan of her<3Beverley Craven
    BTW feel free to join my group "Beverley Craven" She´s an incredible artist and absolutely underrated here.