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  • New Album

    So, I've heard some rumors. As you can see here, Beth is working on a new album:

    And this is supposed to be a song from the upcoming record.

    Does anyone know anything more 'bout the new album and what do you think 'bout this "new" song? :D

  • Ok, I've forgotten to mention that the new album is supposed to be called My California XD Slipped out of my mind ;)
    and this is her new single:

    I love it already :D

  • I absolutely love the new single.

    Also love the new song 'My California' that she played in Zoetermeer May 3rd. Haven't listened to 'Sister Heroin' yet, but that song will also be on the new album. I believe 'Weight of the World' is also a new album song.

    Can't wait to hear the whole album!

  • My California will surely be a great album and I am all excited about it.

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • I hope it comes out soon!

  • me too!

  • Beth said that the album will be released in the fall. Looking forward to it! :)

  • Looking forward to it! :) [2]

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • It's sad that the single is still only at the Scandinavian iTunes stores. I'm so bad with being patiently. :D

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • The single...

    ...should be available on the american iTunes very soon...
    My California is THE best she ever made in my makes me
    cry only Beth can make me cry...Thx to my Angel!!!

  • Looking forward to it! :) [3]
    Also bad with being patient!

  • Looking forward to it! :) [3]

  • Tracklist

    1 My California
    2 Life Is Calling
    3 Happiness... Any Day Now
    4 Love Is The Hardest
    5 Bad Love Is Good Enough
    6 Drive
    7 Sister Heroine
    8 Take It Easy On Me
    9 Like You (And Everyone Else)
    10 Everybody Is Sober
    11 Weight Of The World

  • Thanks Michelle (as also for putting the cover on the front page)! :)

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • I absolutely love the new album!!! <3 The samples on the official website do no justice to the songs. Like everybody said about the album, it sure is different, but I think it was the right move and I'm thankful that Beth went with Rune's idea to make this kind of album. I don't even miss the rock songs, to be honest. There's not one song on this album that I don't love, but some of my favorites are Take It Easy On Me, Life Is Calling, Sister Heroine and Weight Of The World. The Aretha cover is also beautiful, I heard it live once and I'm glad she decided to put this on the cd as a bonus track.

  • I can't wait to hear it all! :)

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • I can't wait either!!

  • I really love the cover. She looks really beautiful on that one! Yesterday I orderd the Limited Edition Digibook. I hope I'll have it today or maybe monday.. Can't wait < 33.

  • I'm in love with the new album! :)

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • My California is available for listening on Spotify!!!

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • I have the cd for almost 2 months now and it's amazing!

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