Best song on October Language?

  • Best song on October Language?

    After thinking about this i'm going to say "Who Told You This Room Exists?". I love the way its slow repetition builds into this haunting masterpiece. But of course the first song that hooked me with this album was "I Never Lose, Never Really". Title track is amazing, just think those two are more amazing :)

  • I Never Lose, Never Really

    Probably the best piece of experimental music in existence.

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    • derives said...
    • User
    • 28 May 2008, 18:59

    "i never lose, never really"


    "red velvet or nothing"

  • All Equal Now and October Language

    • Eniak said...
    • User
    • 17 Aug 2008, 18:30
    For me it's also I Never Lose, Never Really. So stunning, so overwhelming noise. Due to my my poor english vocabulary I can't even describe the coolness of this track. Love at first listen. :-D

  • Hmm.. so hard. But I really like "I Never Lose. Never Really" as well as "I'm Too Sleepy...Shall We Swim?"

    - Nate
  • "All Equal Now"

    The workers who dwell but beneath
    Only grant what they have been granted;
    What has been given is not truly yours--
    For you were given nothing to be had,
    Only what within your midst could be carried.
    • weg0rz said...
    • User
    • 21 Dec 2009, 23:11
    I never lose, never really for ever the best track

    after I purchased and listened to LP- "Remove the Inside" is another brilliant song

  • I would say I never lose... but that record is a journey, I play it and get lost, It`s like a spell.

  • I Never Lose. Never Really. I mean, it's just one of the greatest pieces of music ever recorded whether or not you consider noise to even be music. It goes beyond normal comprehension of what humans can perceive as music to become something so transcendental it's like being reborn again and dieing every time you hear it. Indeed, probably the best experimental track to ever be recorded in existence.

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