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    • nti_sa said...
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    • 10 Feb 2008, 22:30
    nobody chose Cliquot! when it's so brilliant!

    whole album is just overwhelming
    i haven't been listening to anything else since i heard The Flying Club's way better than Gulag Orkestar
    first album is also very very good, but this one.. i'm just speechless

    thank You, Zach, for every note

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Feb 2008, 18:03
    Guyamas Sonora. After that: Cliquot and Forks And Knives.

  • Cliquot
    I love Zach's background singing.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Mar 2008, 17:36
    Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route)

    • mjb4 said...
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    • 19 Mar 2008, 04:43


    in the mausoluem
    un dernier verre (pour la route)

    actually, all of the songs are good.
    I only think la banlieue and the self titled song are weird. . .

    • saureem said...
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    • 23 Jun 2008, 00:35
    La Banlieu
    ST. Apollonia
    A Sunday Smile
    and Nantes ofc. ! this's great song.

  • Nantes & A Sunday Smile!
    The two best songs of the universe!

  • Cliquot is terrific, along with Nantes. The rhythm of In the Mausoleum makes it another favourite. This album pushes all of my other albums back into the shoebox on the top shelf of my closet.

    • shirta said...
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    • 29 Jun 2008, 10:00
    Guyamas Sonora? Where is this song? In Flying Cup Club? Is there another edition??
    Otherwise, my favorite song is doubtlessly Nantes... It makes me feel so many things....

    • shirta said...
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    • 29 Jun 2008, 11:25
    I'm so confused.......... Guyamas Sonora and La Banlieu are the same song!!???? OOOOUUUUU YEAAH-.....

  • I'm slowly going crazy about this guy's music!Ааааа!I want a new album!!!

  • A Sunday Smile

    brilliant =)

    • drKLC said...
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    • 5 Jul 2008, 12:16
    At first place Nantes. A shared second place for In The Mausoleum & Guyamas Sonora.

    "Ooooh, it's been a loooooooooong time, loooooooong time now
    Since I've seen yoouuuuu smaaaahaiiile"


  • Nantes, do I need to give reasons? It's beautiful. I love Beirut.

    • PuRpl3 said...
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    • 11 Jul 2008, 08:07
    In the Mausoleum. Definitely.

  • A Sunday Smile - Vocals, and the song's inability to let me go

    and Fork and Knives

    "Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Nantes

    My favorit is Nantes. Perhaps it´s because it was the first song what I heart from Beirut and I felt in love, but this song has something what makes me happy.
    And I also enjoy Postcard from italy. Zach put a lot from his emotion to songs and you can fell it...

    "how troublesome...what a drag" NaraShikamaru

    „No matter what your age and no matter where you come from, everyone can change the world in some way, whether it's being a mentor to someone younger than you or someone that doesn't have as much experience as you. If you're passionate enough, you can do whatever you want and definitely change the world.“ Josh Groban
  • Time travels...

    In the Mausoleum! *.*

    • Wanko1 said...
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    • 28 Sep 2008, 06:45
    The Flying Club Cup

    Is the most beautiful song of these album!!! *¬*

  • Cliquot, Nantes, Mount Wroclai (Idle Days). My top :)

    "Without music, life would be a mistake"
    • p-hop said...
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    • 4 Oct 2008, 16:53
    A Sunday smile is the sound of potato pancakes with sour cream on a slow, dusty morning.

    • FisFus- said...
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    • 12 Oct 2008, 21:26
    The whole album is perfect.
    Nantes, A Sunday Smile and The Penalty is absolutely amazing.

  • La Banlieue for sure. This album may make me pick up my trumpet again. Now if only I had someone who could play an accordion....

    • judeee said...
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    • 27 Oct 2008, 21:19
    nantes is fabulous : )

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Dec 2008, 00:28


    and then I have to say, when he sings: "oh love, and the cold, the oncoming cold" OMG! it's so beautiful. best song ever. *-*

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